themaskedhero's Cable #13 - Messiah War, Part 2 review

Leaps Forward

Okay, so I just finished reading this issue, but I have to stop reviewing to eat lunch.

(10 minutes go by) My I just say if you love my taste in comics, you may also love my taste in food. Try Banquet Boneless Pork Rib TV dinners. For a buck, it was good.

Okay, the review. So this issue, like other part two's of it's kind, suffers the unfortunate trait of lacking an exact beginning and end. The story really recaps how Deadpool survived the last 1000 years, 800 of them in an industrial fridge playing tic tac toe, hangman and monopoly (Don't ask what he used for game pieces). And the entire issue is reclaimed by Deadpool's first words after being saved, "My pizza better damn well be free, because you jerks definitely took more than 30 minutes."

We see that Stryfe (sorry if you haven't read part one, but why are you reading part two's review first?) and Bishop have formed a partnership over the last few centuries. One which Bishop means to use solely to kill Hope.

The issue ends kind of randomly, the art isn't really my style and of course the part about being the middle of an epic story. So it gets 3 stars, but I have no hard feelings, just excitement for X-Force 14. I'd think anyone who liked the opening will pick this up, it's sold out in my neck of the woods, but maybe you can get your hands on a friend's copy. 

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