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What interest does the Mutant Liberation Front have in ancient artifacts? Cable seeks the truth. Garrison Kane is also looking for truth, with maybe a little revenge in the mix.


Ten years in the past: As Iranians escort two (supposedly) American hostages, the Wild Pack readies themselves to fulfill a contract. They jump the crowd and leave a heap of bodies. With the coast clear, the Wild Pack enters a building. They are not there to free any hostages. They are simply there to make some money due to corporate payback. A man named Tolliver has hired the team to blow up a company building and that is all. The team walks away as the building crumbles and escape in a hidden helicopter.

The present: A museum in Paris, France has its peace disturbed by members of the Mutant Liberation Front. They teleport in and immediately take out the guards and begin looking for an artifact for Stryfe. They come upon the piece they need - a sword with likeness to Apocalypse. Sumo grabs it and then is shot in the head. The MLF is stunned; not only because Sumo is dead, but that Cable shot him and he seems to be acting alone. The fight is too quick, as the MLF runs back through Zero's teleportation field before anyone else can become a casualty. Cable uses some of his telekinetic power to lift Sumo and retrieve the sword. Why would Stryfe, Cable muses, be interested in the past when he is always focused on tomorrow? Cable bodyslides.

In Canada, G.W. Bridge meets up with General Clarke. Clarke asks how Bridge is doing, seeing as how the Weapon: PRIME mission was an utter failure. The two men enter a secret facility and Bridge sees what befell Garrison Kane. The boy has been upgraded and now uses his cybernetics better than ever. Bridge asks Kane to accompany him to the command center. There, Bridge shows video of the Paris museum attack. The video clearly shows Cable fighting the MLF, something Kane doesn't understand since he saw Cable leading the MLF. To figure this mess out, the two men decide to get at Cable through their old friends, members of the Wild Pack.

Flashback. Kane is in a bar. Hammer walks in and asks if Kane has been carded. Kicked out, Hammer tells Kane they have another job from Tolliver.

Present. Kane approaches Hammer's house. His mother answers and welcomes Kane in. She points him to Hammer's room. The man is in a wheelchair. Kane informs him that they are going after Cable. Hammer lists a bunch of safe-houses that Cable used and states that this information comes with a caveat: Kane needs to put a bullet in Cable's spine.

Cable has taken the sword he picked up in Paris and has a friend in Egypt take a look at it. Benehl, the friend, states the sword isn't all that special, but it does bear a resemblance of pieces of art found throughout history. With this information, Cable sees that past robberies by the MLF have occurred where these artifacts have been. Benehl then tells Cable that two artifacts remain. One in Japan and the other in Egypt. Cable sets up post in the Egyptian museum.

Three days Cable waits before the MLF show up. Knowing what they are after, Cable wastes no time in trying to apprehend the terrorists. He's able to wound a few, but they scamper back to Stryfe before he can get anyone in custody to talk.

Seven years in the past: Tolliver's go-between informs the Wild Pack that they do have another mission, but that they must change their name first - someone else has the rights. Kane, in looking for some beer, unintentionally renames the team when he finds a six pack. The Six Pack rolls out. Their mark is an opium route in Afghanistan. They find it odd that such large weaponry would be used to protect a simple drug trafficking route. Upon further investigation, Domino finds a hidden hatch. They enter and find a very high tech bunker. They meet resistance and quickly take the opposition out. The rest of the team is concerned about breaking their contract with Tolliver. Cable, however, wants to press forward. As they do, Stryfe appears.

The present: Kane marches up snowy slope in Switzerland. Cable is inside a cabin trying to figure out the riddle of the artifacts that Stryfe is after. Before any conclusions can be made, Kane bursts into the cabin and begins a battle with his former team leader. Kane rockets Cable from the cabin but the snow masks any body heat tracing capabilities of Kane's hardware. Too bad, because Kane gets rocked by a tree and sent tumbling over a cliff. Clinging to the side, he grabs a hold of Cable. Cable threatens to cut Kane loose unless he tells him why he's come after him. Kane shows a holographic video image of Stryfe. Cable stares in shock as the villain removes his mask to reveal Cable's face.

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