Snow-Clonetroopers? Who's Killing Them Off?

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Anthony Daniels will be put to work as C-3PO plays a big role in the Friday, January 30 episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  It seems that a clone security force disappears from an inhospitable icey world.  Anakin and Obi-Wan get caught in the middle of a squabble between the natives of the planet and some greedy representatives from a nearby moon.  It falls to C-3PO to try to talk things out with his access to more than 6 million forms of communication.

We've seen Star Wars in the snow before.  For some reason, the Snowtroopers always appealed to me.  They just looked cool.

How does Anthony Daniels feel about still playing C-3PO after all these years?  He's the only actor that has played the same role in all six movies.
“I've never left the character or, rather, he's never left me,” says Daniels. “I put him in the cupboard for a while, but people call and I take him out again. There was a time many years ago when I thought I should move on to other things, but then I thought that was stupid. I'm very fond of Threepio.”

Daniels says the voiceover performance of Threepio is a welcome respite from the rigors of bringing Threepio to the screen in live-action productions. He finds the animation process offers “quite a lot of freedom.”

“When you're reading lines by yourself, it's not always as easy to ad-lib,” Daniels says. “But what Dave (Filoni) and I do is to go over my lines before we start because, sadly, I am the world's greatest expert. And I say that with a kind of wry fun, because Threepio is kind of like my best friend, and you know your best friend better than anyone.”

Filoni says, “It was important to have Anthony as Threepio because I wanted to learn as much from him as I could. Anthony has incredible insight into every word and phrase that he says. There’s rarely a line that he won’t adapt to Threepio’s cadence, so we’ve developed a good vocabulary. We’re both excited to do new things with Threepio, and hopefully in the future, viewers will see us expand our view of the character. After all, Threepio is as much an icon of Star Wars as Darth Vader.”

In “Trespass,” Threepio presents his most proper, most effective side – that of translator.  But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t provide a moment or two of levity, as is usually the case with the protocol droid.

“The thing I always liked about Threepio is that he wasn't a hero – he was somebody who had no sense of humor and no sense of irony,” Daniels says. “He doesn't know that he's funny. We think he's funny because he's ridiculous, he's uptight and a bit critical and it makes us laugh at him. But his saving grace and the reason that we like him is that he's very thoughtful and very loyal. If he's on your side, you would have a friend to the end of your existence. Or probably to the end of his existence, because he's loyal to a fault, to his last nut and his last bolt.”

Daniels has a clear memory of the original reference to the Clone Wars, and the curious impression it had on the cast – though, he admits, nobody had any idea it would grow to the proportions it has achieved within the Star Wars universe.

“I was amused the other day to remember Mark Hamill going through his lines with me one day, and we both kind of looked at each other regarding this casual one-liner about ‘the Clone Wars,’” Daniels recalls. “And then of course, it got picked up in the prequels and now it's its own TV series. Animation has grown up. It's become very, very honorable, and I think Clone Wars has taken the next step."

Here's a video clip of the episode sent from Lucasfilm:



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