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YuYu Hakusho:

Byakko has the ability to absorb spirit energy from his opponents. He is the third strongest member of the four saint beasts.


The basic power of Byakko comes from his massive strength from his size, his longevity of being a demon, and the sense and instincts of of a tiger. His normal roar has the ability to shake an entire castle

Byakko sapping Kuwabara's powers

Energy Absorption

: Byakko has the ability to "eat" Spirit Energy from humans and in turn make himself bigger and stronger for it. The consume energy manifests in his stomach, making himself look fat. He has no real control over this power, as presented when Kuwabara kept slashing at him with his Spirit Sword at him, aimed mostly at his torso, and Byakko just absorb it anyway. This proves his downfall as Byakko has a bodily limit to what energy he can absorb, and Kuwabara's Spirit Energy was too much for him and caused him to explode.

Byakko charging his Tiger Scream

Tiger Scream

: A high pitch energy that Byakko creates in his throat that destroys things at the molecular level.

Byakko's TIger Claws

Tiger Claws

(unofficial name): Energy needles that Byakko's makes in his hands and throws them at his enemies.

Creature Creation/Control

: Byakko has the ability to make savge monster animals with the hair from his main. He can also empower them was well.

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