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As the head curator for a local museum Dr. Vitroli used his position allowed him to organize an exhibit of priceless Egyptian artifacts. Unbeknownst to his employers, Vitroli only organized the exhibit so he could steal the artifacts for himself. Vitroli dawned a self-designed armored suit and called himself the Butterfly, breaking into the museum and stealing the artifacts. Soon after, Bucky Barnes would be at the museum on a field trip with his school and he would use the opportunity to search for clues about the Butterfly. After finding the hidden room where Vitroli kept his costume, Bucky would be apprehended by one of the Butterfly`s thugs while Steve Rogers would be kicked out of the museum unable to help his friend. Captain America would return to the museum after it closed, to discover the Butterfly and his thugs. In order to free Bucky, Captain America fought the criminals ending in Butterfly`s death.

Powers & Abilities

Dr. Vitroli had no superhuman abilities other than that which the Butterfly costume granted him. He did however have a high level of intellect possessing a doctorate degree and designing the Butterfly battle suit himself. Vitroli also displayed competent leadership ability, running his own gang.

Weapons & Paraphernalia

As the Butterfly, Vitroli wore a an armored suit that granted him the abilities of flight and enhanced strength. The suit also contained a large probabilist that he could use to impale his enemies.

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