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When Lancelot and Guinevere were attacked by Darkness, he was knocked off the cliff. Seeing that he faces magic, he runs to Merlin to ask his assistance. Merlin told him that it would have dire cost, he would have to relinquish his mortal soul. Lancelot loving Guinevere, accepts that and he's turned into Butcher Knight. He attacks Zara's fortress along with Gideon, who wields the Sword of Lucifer. Lancelot as Butcher Knight faces queen Zara, who is this era's Witchblade wielder. He manages to kill Zara despite the power she wields. Merlin lets Guinevere transported to Notre Dame to heal, saying that he's magic would scar her. Lancelot thanks Merlin and says that he's now in debt to him. Merlin however transforms him into a stone Gargoyle watching over the building, aware of the world as time passes by.

Next chapter in Lancelot life is when a witch named Daria comes by and awakens him, he again faces with Darkness and Witchblade powers. Daria has power to transform him back to human and promises revenge against Merlin. He agrees to serve her in her quest. Settling in Ruby, California Lancelot takes a name of Luther Washington and start to work as an artist, to lure Merlin closer to them. When Daria attacks Merlin in art show and endangers innocents, he tries to save them. But he is again turned to Butcher Knight and he took part of the fight. First he fought demon ants and then S.W.A.T, in the end same Merlin's demon familiars. He gets wounded in the fight and Daria reveals that gargoyles consumes demon blood, and that heals them. After Daria has left to track down Merlin, he finally over comes the disgust and eats the demons. He turns back to human, but are unable to venture too far, he is captured by Dolgen who works in Section X. He then is transported to a holding facility. He does not talk however, and the people investigating the case are not happy. He soon is broken out by Daria and sent to a mission to retrieve some demon-dog heads. These are for a spell to counter another attempt to petrify him into a stone statue. Right after that they are attacked by Merlin and his witches. Lancelot gets to fight Merlin himself, now being not afraid of him, he is able to beat him. Lancelot rips out Merlin's heart and ignoring Daria's pleads to give to her, he eats it and releases himself from Butcher Knight. Daria summons the Sword of darkness and attacks him, he being knight of the round table in the past has no problem defeating her, when about to struck a death blow, Daria reveals that Guinevere is alive and if he serves her yet again she would help him find her.

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