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Bushmaster who is a world renowned herpetologist from Caracas, Venezuela.  His real name is Bernal Rojas.  He uses his knowledge of reptiles to replicate their abilities in his suit and equipment.  He decided to use this suit to become a superhero and join the Global Guardians.


Bushmaster’s first appearance was on the television show Super Friends as a member of the Global Guardians.  His first appearance was in Super Friends #8 in 1977.  It was only in 1982 that the Global Guardians became part of the mainstream DC Universe. 

Character Evolution

Has generally served as a background or supporting character through his history. 

Major Story Arcs

In his first non-canonical appearance he helps Batman and Robin dismantle a bomb in Venezuela.  Most of his stories followed closely with the Global Guardians from then on, generally most of which resulted in them being supporting characters in other series.  During the first incarnation of Justice League International, Bushmaster along with many other members of the Global Guardians became mentally controlled by the Queen Bee of Bialya.  Later they would battle her to free the country from her tyranny.  Eventually he was killed inside his own country by robbers while he was battling Fain Y’onia.    

During Final Crisis a new Bushmaster is seen although his background is unknown. 

Powers and Abilities

Bushmaster is a regular non-powered human.  He is an expert on reptiles and a genius inventor who has created a suit and devices which replicate various reptile abilities.  These include flight, the ability to run on water, a wide range of enhanced vision (including infrared), suction cups to walk on walls, chameleon abilities, a retractable shell for defense and the ability to detect heat and light.  He also carries a venom gun that shoots tranquilizers.  

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