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Burge was the Demon Lord of Downtown L.A. with his demon forces being commanded by his son. Angel ultimately kills several of Burge's demon followers along with Burge's son, with a stake through his eye, in order to protect several humans. Following his son's death at Angel's hands Burge summoned the rest of L.A,'s demon lords in order to put a stop to Angel.
Angel soon challenges each of the Demon Lords to a fight for control of all of L.A. The Lords ultimately each select a champion to battle Angel, believing it would be an easy win against just him. Fortunately for Angel his friends all arrive to assist him in the battle against the demons, defeating the Lord's champions. Seeing this the lords attempt to use their Hagan staffs, believing them to be a weapon, but in actuality it strips the wielder of their immortality, ultimately killing the demon lords.

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