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In the city of Stern Bild, heroes save people, but not out of a sense of moral obligation, it's mainly to make their employers happy. All of the heroes have corporate sponsors and compete on a reality show called Hero TV. They get points based on what they do (rescue citizens, capture crooks, first on the scene etc.) At the end of the season, points are tallied, and a King of the Heroes is crowned.

Barnaby Brooks Jr. decided to become a hero in order to avenge the death of his parents at the hands of a member of a criminal organization called the Ouroboros when he was a young boy. He was taken in by a friend of his parents, Mr. Maverick. He was sent to Hero Academy to master his NEXT ability, the Hundred Power, which augments his physical abilities by one hundred times, but only for a period of five minutes. After graduation he was given a job by Mr. Maverick, and assigned to work with Wild Tiger.

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