Bullseye strong enough to fight Wolverine to stalemate???

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Now, if you have read ' Old Man Logan' you may be able to help me out with this:

Although I know it was all just an illusion, and he was actually fighting Jubilee, he distinctly said that Bullseye fought him for a few hours, with little to no fatigue. Would this all be Jubilee, or do you actually think he might be able to stand up to wolvie?

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Wolverine > Bullseye

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Technically yes.

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I think the type of psycho bullseye is, he would stand being stabbed a bit, but dunno if he could last too long with wolverine... he'd have to throw knives in Wolvs eyes and disorientate him

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I think it's possible.

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The same BullsEye whos got adamntium re-inforcing his spine &strips of it on most his bones? The same BullsEye killed Electra one of Marvel Universes greatest assasins (Logans words not mines) with her own Sai.. &battled DD &Deadpool to a stalemate numerous times..? The same Bullseye who almost gutted Gambit?

This guys like the Captain America of villains/psychotic thugs.. no powers to speak of but NEVER misses (except for DD lol), can be extremely determined &is frankly an instinctive Natural Born Killer who loves what he does &is usually not afraid to take on healing factors, energy casters or heavy hitters etc .. &tbh if he didnt go off his meds/get run over so many times.. he'd have probly killed DareDevil ages ago

a motivated Bullseye would be more than a challenge for Logan.. easily.


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