bullseye has healing facotor so how could shadowland have worked?

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in the Elektra Comics Bullseye got an andamantium spine and mild healing factors from a doctor after Elektra stabbed him with his own arrow. Later in the List Clint shot him several times and they mention his healing factor. So why then in Shadowland would he die if Daredevil poked through him with a sword?

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i've never heard of Bullseye having a healing factor but if he does i guess it could be explained quite easily. A healing factor can heal wounds, however if he was stabbed in the heart that would have killed him instantly. That would have even killed Wolverine or Deadpool, except their healing factors are so intense they'll be revived in a few minutes or a couple hours. You said Bullseye only had a mild healing factor. However they can't kill off a character like Bullseye and people in comics never stay dead, so maybe they'll use that healing factor as a way to bring him back in the future.

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Bullseye doesn't have healing factor.

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Yea Bullseye doesn't have a healing factor but i do hope he comes back.

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GO read Clint Barton the List or Elektar like 24 bullseye DOES have a healing factor

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And he was stabbed through through the gut a heart shot would kill him  As for cutting his head off, they'd have to cut his head in half as his spine couldn't be cut through

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I hate how they killed Bullseye.

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Bullseye doesnt have healing factor. He is just lucky bastard.
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It is unknown if Bullseye's uncanny ability is a mutant ability or not. He has the skill to take any object and turn it into a deadly projectile with perfect aim. He can kill a person with simple objects such as a playing card, paper clips, peanuts, and even once used his own snot to kill a rat. He is in peak physical condition. This indicates some superhuman abilities in his fingertips.  He once shared a mental link with Daredevil, detecting him when he was near.   
His spinal cord along with other bones are laced with adamantium which makes him less susceptible to bodily injuries. Thanks to his perfect aim and hand-eye coordination Bullseye has reflexes that can be considered almost super-human. He has dodged gunfire on several occasions and even blocked a bullet. Bullseye has the strength of a normal person his age that regularly engages in exercise.

Fighting Skills/Marksmanship

Bullseye is also trained in several forms of martial arts and is an expert with many different types of weapons. His favorite weapons are his infamous, ever present pack of playing cards, Shuriken, Larp Bow, M4 fitted with sniper's scope.

Lester is one of the top all-around H2H fighters in the MU. He consistently holds his own against Daredevil, has easily beaten Gambit and has toyed with Elektra, who's arguably the top ninja in the world, on two separate occasions. His marksmanship abilities are simply flawless, as he's killed/injured a variety of enemies in extremely unconventional fashion. He has  knocked out The Punisher with a paper plane before (thrown from a rooftop), has landed a billion-to-one shot before with a hub cap against Deadpool and has even managed to flick one of his own teeth through a henchman's skull.
thats strait off this site an on there i c no healing factor. if it aint listed it almost garanteed aint xsistant, an even if he did have one he could still b killd healing factors are cool cuz they make u durable not imortal. Saber-tooth heals is now dead, wolverine heals in days of future past he died an in several arcs he has been on the edge of death. Need prooth then c what hapend when Magneto tore out the adamantium, it took a healing factor an advanced shiar tech for him to live. So yes Bullseye can die an yes bullseye did die. Can he come back its a comic sure he can but none the less he died. An its a good death in my opinion, i wasnt anticipating matt 2 xecute the elektra kill on bullseye an bring ther long history full circle. Its also a new change i dont think we we havseen dd this intense

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I don't understand how yall can continue to claim he doesn't have a healing factor when I gave you the issue and even made video showing the books on film where he DOES have a healing factor.

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He's never had one.
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Bullseye does not have a healing factor.

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@Blackestnight: he got regeneration!  wow.  i just knew about the spine@Blackestnight:   where is the video  id be really interested to learn this.
also i have to think that the way he was killed could have negated a very moderate healing factor. 
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@Vance Astro said:
" Bullseye doesn't have healing factor. "
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@Jotham said:

that doesn't say that he has a healing factor....it just means that he'll heal from the gun shots eventually
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@danhimself: I'm just posting the panels, interpret them however you will.
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@danhimself said:
" @Jotham said:

that doesn't say that he has a healing factor....it just means that he'll heal from the gun shots eventually "
@Jotham:  Ironic how he hit everywhere except the giant Bullseye on his brain.

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