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Michael Miller was an auto mechanic before being drafted. Within the ranks of the Army, Miller rose to become among the ten best marksmen and snipers of the European theater of World War II. But being African-American, Miller was the victim of racial prejudice and constant taunting. One day, he lost his patience and simply shot dead one of his tormentors. He was arrested for murder and imprisoned. He was eventually recruited into the Deadly Dozen. 
Dum-Dum Dugan soon realized that the disgruntled Miller put minimal effort in his training. He attempted to restore his former prowess. Miller served competently in later missions. He was eventually severely wounded in a German ambush. He requested help from Captain Conner. But the officer started walking away from him, abandoning the marksman to his fate. Miller shot Conner in the back and then succumbed to loss of blood. 

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