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Personal Data

  • Real Name: Alix Harrower
  • Height: 6' 0"
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Eyes: White
  • Hair: Red


  • Citizenship: American
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Marital Status: Single (Widowed)
  • Education: Trained teacher for special children
  • Affiliations: Seven Soldiers of Victory, Justice League of America
  • Occupations: Originally a teacher for special children, adventurer, superhero
  • Known Relatives: Lance Harrower (husband, deceased); Aurakales (ancestor)


Lance Harrower was obsessed with becoming a famous superhero. He fantasized about being able to socialize with world renowned heroes like Green Lantern and keeping himself and his wife, Alix, eternally young. Alix’s dreams, however, were more mundane. At only 27, she did not appreciate her husband’s assertion that she was already beginning to show signs of aging. She supported her husband as he attempted to perfect his invention, “smartskin”. He had managed a successful test on a rat Alix nicknamed “Metal Mickey”.

The smart skin worked by bonding to collagen in the skin, forming an indestructible shell and increasing the subject’s strength. While Alix could see potential military applications, Lance thought she lacked vision and wanted to become like the World War II superhero, Bulletman, who fought the Nazis with his wife.

Tragedy struck when Alix discovered that Lance had secretly used the "smartskin" on himself. His body was suffocating under the weight of his new skin. When Alix reached out to help him the "smartskin" began to bond to her. She telephoned for assistance and paramedics rushed the couple to hospital. Alix’s wedding ring had prevented the "smartskin" from covering her body entirely and the doctors managed to inject her bare skin with life saving drugs. Lance, however, was not wearing his and so the doctors were unable to inject him. He died in the Emergency Room.

After the incident, Alix’s life began to disintegrate further. She had to leave her job, looking after autistic children, as they thought she had been replaced by a robot. She then discovered her husband had been in a seedy internet relationship with a super-teen turned porn star, Sally Sonic. Alix leapt from her apartment window and tried to run into something that could kill her. In her efforts to commit suicide, she came across a train wreck and began to pull people from the wreckage. The rescued people began thanking her and calling her a superhero and she decided that maybe she could be a superhero after all.

Who Killed Seven Soldiers?

Alix is brought in to help the F.B.I. investigate the death of the Seven Soldiers Of Victory, Spyder, the Whip, Gimmix, Dyno-Mite Dan, Boy Blue and Vigilante. Alix was supposed to be the seventh member of the team, but decided not to go with them. Agent Helligan, one of the Bureau's metahuman specialists, shows Alix footage of their massacre at the hands of the Sheeda and Nebula Man.

Agent Helligan takes Alix to a Correctional Facility to help interrogate her only lead on the massacre, the Hand who had summoned the Nebula Man years earlier. Alix was there to break the fingers on the Iron Hand's confiscated gauntlet. They discovered that his nephew had infiltrated the group and summoned the Nebula Man. Iron Hand dies mysteriously in the interrogation room, claiming the Vigilante shot his soul. Alix then takes agent Helligan to her sister's wedding, just in time to announce her husband to be is a werewolf.

Alix explains her bizarre day to her new room mate, Sara Smart. Sara tells her she will be a great superhero one day, despite her feeling out of her depth now, she just needs her own nemesis.


Alix then travels out to a superhero convention in Zenith City after being hired by Miss Stellamaris, an actress "of marine origin", to be her body guard. While there, she learns more about the desperate lives of superheroes who lack the fame and status enjoyed by better known heroes like members of the Justice League of America. She gets to know two of them, Mind Grabber Man and fellow body guard, Big Thunder, and befriended them. She also meets Thumbelina, who has herself been part of the same seedy world, Eternal Superteen, as Sally Sonic and tells Alix a little about her.

Stellamaris is in no real danger. Alix on the other hand has become a target for a mysteriously resurrected Spyder, one of the heroes recruited by Vigilante for his doomed Seven Soldiers. He tries to kill Alix by aiming a diamond tipped arrow at her ear (to avoid her armored skin). The arrow narrowly misses Alix as Mind Grabber Man drunkenly bumps into her. Alix never finds out where the arrow came from, but Spyder is dealt with by the also mysteriously resurrected Vigilante.

Sally Sonic

When Alix returns home, she begins to inform Sara about her trip. Sara mentions that it must be terrible to be like Thumbelina. Alix realizes that she never told Sara her name and that Sara is in fact, Sally Sonic. Sally blows her whistle, donning her costume and momentarily stunning Alix. She then proceeds to hit her with her refrigerator. The women fight fiercely, with Sally managing to break Alix's arm. Despite her anger at Sally for killing her husband, Alix still tries to make peace with Sally. Alix finally manages to subdue Sally by hitting her with a car engine. Alix phones for someone to take Sally to hospital and learns that she will have to take her herself.

After the fight, Vigilante appears to recruit the Bulleteer. He calls her The Spear that Was Never Thrown and the person who will bring about the ultimate downfall of the Sheeda. He also informs Alix that she is descended from Aurakles, the Earth's first superhero 42,000 years ago. She refuses to join him however.

Seven Soldiers

On the drive to the hospital, Sally comes to and begins to fight Alix. All around them, the Sheeda invasion has begun. Alix loses control of the car and collides with the Sheeda Queen. Alix is the only survivor, fulfilling her destiny as one of the Seven Imperishable Treasures.

After Seven Soldiers

The Bulleteer has made a few small cameo appearances in the wider DC Universe since the events of Seven Soldiers.She helped to defend Metropolis from rioting villains during Infinite Crisis and fought in World War 3 with the superheroes aligned against Black Adam. In 52, Bulleteer was part of an interim Justice League along with Firestorm, Firehawk, Super Chief and Ambush Bug.

It is unknown at this time if there are any plans to publish any more stories featuring her in a major role.

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