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Things get intellectual!

But first, we meet Chief Executive of the Space Integrity Patrol, the very shouty alien in charge of capturing the fugitive ex-SIP agent Stump. He shouts a lot at Agents Hal and Thaddeus from #1, who tell magnificently awful lies to avoid responsibility for failure.

Meanwhile, quite by coincidence (if there IS such a thing), Bug & Stump encounter the Boys in Blue and manage to get them hit by a truck, leaving Bug convinced that he has somehow got a finger imbued with strange powers. This may be important. I hope you're taking notes...

Looking for somewhere to hole up while they are trapped on Earth, the pair find themselves at - you guessed it - a pub again. Here they meet God. Or Self-Aware Man, if you prefer. Sam for short. He explains how the Multiverse works to Bug, and just why Bug has kicked off the end of Creation. He also explains why so many people seem to be out to kill them, but Bug has unfortunately gone to sleep by this point and misses the whole thing. Bug & Stump decide that due to Sam's interest in them being "piqued", he must be a pervert. However, they do find the address of some accommodation from him. They leave, Sam abuses us, the readers, for watching him angsting and we leave in a huff for the next page.

Arriving at the address, our heroes meet Aaron - who looks and sounds like an emaciated Elvis - and Cassandra - who looks a bit like a gothic Jennifer Connelly. Bug immediately falls in lust/love.

...aaaaand finally we come back to Chief Executive, as he grovels over a vid-link to the impressive growly Sergeant Masakrr - who is, it turns out, a top SIP agent - and Stump's brother. We discover that Stump is wanted for murder of a fellow SIP agent. Masakrr agrees to bring Stump to justice. Is there anyone in this Multiverse who isn't after these guys?







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