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The third issue kicks off pretty much where the issue #2 cliffhanger ended up - and s**t gets real pretty damned fast. Kill Eye, the raving psychotic eyeball TV assassin, loses a tooth, the Illuminatum (remember them from #1?) decide to involve themselves (which turns out to be a bad career move), Bug & Stump hijack a bus and it turns out that Bug failed his heavy vehicle driving aptitude test twenty times. Stump gets assaulted by an old lady with a pet Pomeranian whose stop they missed, Kill Eye turns back up (having decimated half of Melbourne's police force) and throws a police car at the bus.

...hold on, let me catch my breath, we're only at page 11...

Anyway. Bus totalled. Billy the Pomeranian snuffs it. The Illuminatum arrive and a battle royal ensues, with widespread property damage. Bug & Stump do what they do best and flee the carnage, only to be trapped on a office block rooftop by Kill Eye who comes in for the kill...

...and let's just say that he learns a few home truths - and switches himself off, reverting back to a harmless television set.

In a deep display of compassion, Stump decides to pawn the TV in order to raise some much-needed funds.

And later, back at the scene of the all-out battle, four policemen encounter the sinister Bewlay Brothers and become their latest assassins - the Boys in Blue...







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