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Bug is an escapee from the Asylum for the Criminally Disorganised, located on Planet 32A-28/delta1 in the Universe of Order 3. He is a green skinned, four armed and naive innocent, considered to be insane on his native planet due to his penchant for breaking rules with impunity... Bug eludes capture by entering a door clearly marked "Do Not Enter" (causing a few aneurysms on the way) and encounters a Portal - a talking door that whisks him away to another universe... the Universe of Summation. Earth. Melbourne, Australia, to be precise.

Stump, on the other hand, appears to be a rogue member of the Space Integrity Patrol (SIP), an inter-universal police force designed to prevent illegal "border crossings" between universes. He's on the run, hunted by his own comrades, but he's resourceful and a quick thinker. He sports one of the most impressive quiffs seen in comics, and an ever present pair of strangely expressive sunglasses. Just don't call him 'short' (which he is, by the by, with an impressively muscular upper body, brought up short - ho ho - by a pair of legs that would depress a daschund.). He's hiding out... in the Universe of Summation. Earth. Melbourne, Australia, to be precise... and he's waiting for a Portal so that he can escape...

This obviously isn't going to go well.

Naturally, the two characters collide - literally - and immediately fall foul of the organisation that opposes the SIP - the Illuminatum. Fisticuffs, awful puns and hat stealing ensues, and the pair end up sticking together - obstensibly so that Stump can "ruin Bug's life because he's ruined Stump's own'. And with such heartwarming thoughts, a terrific comic pairing comes into being...

And right at the end, we encounter two creatures - the Bewlay Brothers (thanks Mr Bowie!) who agree to deal with our two fugitives...

A good start to a great Australian independent title - a little rough around the edges, but it leads to great things..!







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An Australian Classic - Long May It Be Remembered! 0

Ahhh. Nostalgia. Got to love it when you hit upon something that takes you waaay back to a Happy Place....And that's what Bug & Stump does - for me, at least. It's a blast from the 1990s, emerging from the fevered minds of creators John Petropoulos and Mark Sexton. Released under the umbrella of AAARGH! Studios and based out of Melbourne, Australia, Bug & Stump was one of the most popular titles of the "new wave" of independent Aussie comics that emerged in the early nineties.It origina...

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