Buffyverse respect thread

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I know here on the 'vine Buffy characters have sort of a bad reputation. Nearly all threads they are involved in end in a flame war, even some in which I have been involved. I think, besides the bias carried for some characters, these flame wars can be attributed to a skewed or even non existent knowledge of the Buffyverse and where its characters stand. So, in this thread I will try to put together a collection of feats, explanations and so on to better educate some on Buffy.

First things first; What is a slayer?

A slayer is the chosen protector of human kind from the forces of evil. They combat all types of monsters and villains, from Vampires to Magicians to Evil gods. They are imbued with the knowledge, experience, and skills of all that came before them but it seems like each slayer has that in varying amounts, or at least must exercise that aspect to get the full amount of it. For example, Kendra seemed more knowledgeable than Buffy because she studied more but Buffy was the better fighter.

For a while Buffy was the only slayer but she suffered a pseudo-death at the hands of the Master and a new slayer was called (Kendra) even though Buffy was revived moments later. After Kendra's death Faith was called and for awhile they were the two active slayers. But, in order to combat the Uber Vampires, Willow, with a combination of her magic and the slayer scythe, activated all the potential slayers throughout the world. Now there are hundreds of ass kicking girls ready to do as their name implies.

Next is the Vampire...or Vampyr

If you didnt know before the full title for a slayer is Vampire Slayer. Killing Vampires is kind of their thing probably mostly because vampires are the most common type of evil lurking out there. A vampire is created much in the same way they always are, the main difference here is that a demon inhabits the body of the newly turned taking on their personality.....with an evil twist. They also have the common attributes of vampires, albeit to a higher degree (mostly in the case of the two main vamps).

Slayers were created to be naturally stronger than vampires, being able to take on multiple to dozens at a time. However Spike and Angel seem to be a little stronger than the average vamp.

Now for feats.....

(Please keep in mind that some abc logic and comparison will be used. I dont have 1000's of appearances to go on here)



- Strong enough to punch through brick, concrete, and at least dent steel with single strikes

- Can easily jump 10-20 feet in the air


An unnamed slayer is strong enough to kick a picnic bench, with two girls on it, through the air and toss a fairly big guy with one arm


Faith kicked another slayer 20-30 feet through the air.


That same slayer, Gigi, was able to unintentionally kill another with a back hand

- Buffy owned her in their fight also

- Spike struggled his hardest to pick up Olaf's Hammer to no avail yet Buffy is able to nonchalantly pick it up with one hand

- Dana was able knock down metal doors with multiple shoves


Buffy carries a guy up the side of a building


- Strong enough to punch through brick, concrete, and at least dent steel with single strikes

- Can easily jump 10-20 feet in the air

- After discovering the affair between his son and Cordelia, an angered Angel punched a metal door off its hinges and at least a couple yards back

- Unnamed vamp(s) were able to bend metal with their bare hands


Spike prying open metal doors


Spike demolishes a metal door with a single kick


Angel punches a hole through a demons chest



- Buffy outran a bus going full speed


Bullet timers (Dodging bullets)

- Buffy snatched an arrow out the air


Some more bullet dodging by Buffy


- Angel dodged multiple point blank shotgun blast

- Angel easily spun around and caught an arrow that was shot less than 10 feet from him


Spike showing some speed




The unnamed slayer gets hits by a semi truck only maybe being k.o.ed


Buffy took a hard kick to the face from that Gigi to no ill effect


- Angel has jumped off or been thrown off numerous skyscrapers only to get up moments later

- Unlike slayers vampires can shrug off mortal wounds



Faith showing some agility


A nice display of agility from Buffy


Another display of agility from Buffy


Buffy fighting circles around a big demon


Buffy running through opponents


Buffy running though opponents again

Fighting skills

One thing you have to remember is that the fighting portrayed in the show will never look as good as what is shown in the comics or even a comic book movie. Buffy/Angel didnt really have a huge budget.


A slayer gains the memories, experiences, skills, and knowledge of the previous one


Contemplation of Buffy vs Faith fights in the tv series


Buffy schools some noobs


Buffy vs Spike


Angel vs Faith


Angelus vs Faith (Also shows some bullet dodging)

Buffy and crew in the Marvel/DC universe ranking:

- Angel and Spike and most other vampires would be in the 2 ton weight class. Buffy and Faith range from 2+ tons up, with the average slayer being in the 2 ton class.

- Bullet timed reflexes and Super human traveling speed

- Slayers have super durability and a low level healing factor

- Vampires have super durability and a high level healing factor

- Buffy, Spike, Faith, and Angel would all be considered among the best fighters, not as good as Batman but somewhere on that level or close to it

- Anti-Heroes

- Weapon Masters

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Im not finished yet but I know im running low on feats that I either remember or have, so feel free to help me out! 
PM me or simply post it in this thread and ill add it to the OP. I plan to finish this up when I have the time (Hopefully before the new year)

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i approve of this....so much

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Help me out breh! 

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 Buffyverse vampires-



-The main way to kill the buffyverse vampire, as is the case with most vampires, is direct exposure to ultra violent rays (sunlight) upon contact, the vampire will combust into flames in a matter of seconds, before becoming dust

-Decapitation, will also end the vampire's after life, once the head is severed, he will become dust

-The most used way to kill a vampire, is a wooden stake through the heart, this can only work however if the stake IS made of wood, not metal, or any other material, and the stake most pierce the heart

-Lastly, holy items such as Crucifixes, and holy water, burn a vampire's flesh, it has even been shown, that if somehow a vampire ingests holy water, it will burn him from the inside out, killing him.

-While not a weakness per se, it is important to mention a vampire cannot enter a living human's home without being invited by someone who lives there, however once invited in, they can enter and leave as many times as they please. Vampires can enter certain places without invitations however, such as public property (stores, schools,etc) and homes of the deceased, or ones inhabited by demons.


Unlike many other species of demon, the demon component of a vampire appeared to have no more intelligence than that of solitary predatory animals and were incapable of language. Other than the Turok-Han, the principal evidence on this question comes from Angel's visit to the demon world Pylea; when he took on "vampire face" in that world, he unexpectedly became a mindless demon.

For this reason, an ordinary vampire shares many qualities with its human predecessor, including his or her memories; though it lacks a human soul and thus a conscience. As Darla puts it ("The Prodigal"), "What we were informs what we become". A vampire's personality can be the corrupt, opposite version of its human predecessor, or an expression of the human's hidden potential, as well as his/her fantasies and desires, held unchecked by the human soul. According to Watcher Duncan Fillworthe, vampires are regret personified, "hunger for life that's been damned to never be satisfied".

Vampires typically lose their feelings for the people they cared about in their human lives. After being sired, Jesse McNally tells Xander Harris that he is "like a shadow to [him] now." However, William Pratt retained some affection for his mother after becoming a vampire. Despite being soulless, vampires are capable of human emotions like love and affection, but these tend to take twisted and obsessive forms, as was the case of Spike and James. However, while Angelus and Darla were nearly inseparable, both Angel and Darla later admit that they never truly loved each other, and in fact often ditched one another out of self-preservation.



  • Jesse McNally was attracted to Cordelia Chase, who snubbed him for his awkwardness. As a vampire, Jesse approached Cordelia in a predatory manner, filled with confidence and charisma, and for once she consented to dance with him.
  • Harmony Kendall was a vain, vapid, and snobbish member of the Cordettes before being sired. As a vampire, she was still vapid and snobbish, and remarked that it was harder for her to do the right thing without a soul, although she remained mostly unchanged.
  • Drusilla was a pious and chaste Catholic girl, gifted/cursed with psychic abilities and disturbed because she did not know what was causing her visions. As a vampire, Drusilla is highly sexual and kinky, and revels in her psychic powers.
  • Darla despised religion as a human and as a vampire. Angel mentions that Darla had a fascination with religious wars. Christian religion rejected Darla's lifestyle as a human, so it seems the vampire Darla enjoys religious war as an example of religion causing destruction and bloodshed instead of salvation.
  • Angelus: Liam lived haunted by his father's disapproval and expectations that he would never be more than a lazy, womanizing drunk. As a vampire, Angelus is driven by the memory of his father's contempt to show that he can be something great: the most flamboyantly sadistic vampire ever recorded.
  • Spike: William the Bloody was an outcast, rejected and ridiculed by his contemporaries whom he regarded as ignorant and insensitive despite their wealth. As a vampire, Spike lashes out at society, rejecting bureaucracy, aristocracy and authority and finding pleasure in mayhem and chaos, while still remaining a romantic at heart. In addition, William was a shy young man with a peaceful nature and a love for poetry; in contrast, he later was considered one of the most violent vampires to exist. Both as a human and as a vampire, Spike demonstrates a potential for all-consuming, obsessive love, first for his mother, then for Drusilla, and finally for Buffy. He will often pursue his love object to the point of near-self destruction.
  • Anne: William's devoted mother feared he was too attached to her but could not bring herself to the cruelty of saying so. As a vampire she has no such compunctions, and taunts William with the insinuation of Oedipaldeviancy. ("Lies My Parents Told Me")
  • Sam Lawson: Sam Lawson's need to serve a higher purpose, to be guided by a cause giving sense to his actions, haunted him into his unlife. He found himself completely incapable of obtaining pleasure from killing or torturing. While Lawson believes this was caused by being sired by a vampire with a soul, Angel believes Lawson merely lacked a mission, a cause to live for.
  • Charles Gunn: In life Gunn was a vampire hunter with a particular hatred towards them, especially since they killed his sister. As a vampire, he's filled with self-hatred and blames Angel for his condition. Despite his new status, Gunn still clings to the idea that he's one of the good guys, even though he has no soul and feeds on humans.



To create a new vampire, blood exchange is needed. Victims of vampire attacks do not turn into new vampires unless they consume the sire's blood when near death. If the vampire drains all of the victim's blood, the victim will simply die. A human who imbibes vampire blood when not at the point of death will not change ("Buffy vs. Dracula"). Vampires obtain pleasure from the act of siring, and sometimes they might sire new vampires by instinct, which would explain why many new vampires are abandoned by their sires.

Following the blood exchange, the victim dies of blood loss and, according to Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, will reawaken on the night after the siring, sometime between sunset and sunrise (Reunion). However certain other vampires have raised a few hours after the blood exchange. No special preparations, such as burial, are required for the vampire's rebirth. Vampires mostly rise from graves because they spent a time between death and rebirth as corpses and were buried.

In any event, new vampires often awake with a sensation of disorientation, in which most vampires are highly violent and feral, before recovering and realizing their new status. This clarity usually "kicks in" after the vampire rises from the grave or at least after the first feeding. In any event, when the vampire overcomes the confusion, they experience a sensation of clarity that is new and unique, and which they will express in different ways



Vampires are commonly described as "dead". Death can be defined as a status in which the body lacks living physiological functions, such as having a pulse or breathing. However, vampires are able to move, feed, talk and feel despite inhabiting dead bodies. The term "undead" seems much more fitting as the vampire, while not living, isn't dead either.

When a human is sired, a demon spirit takes possession of the corpse, reanimating it and altering its physiology. The demon within the vampire causes these alterations:

  • Requires mammalian blood to maintain strength. Usually, this is human blood, but rats, pigs and otters have been consumed on the show. The blood of supernatural, human-appearing mammalian beings, such as theChildren of the Senior Partners feeds a vampire as well and often has added benefits (see below). Vampires do not feed on the blood of other demons, and Trask, a member of the Scourge specifically states so.
  • Vocalizations such as hissing and roaring reminiscent of lions, tigers, and other big cats whenever they are angered or trying to intimidate their opponents.
  • Facial alterations (brow ridges, golden eyes, elongated upper canines, and pointed upper incisors) when feeding or under stressful situations such as fighting, in which a vampire might assume its real face in preparation for feeding or to intimidate the opponent. In addition to this, a vampire may show their "vampire face" at will (Connor asks Angel to show him his "second face" and Angel reluctantly obliges), when generally pissed off, when sexually aroused, when suddenly and/or unexpectedly injured. This is the vampire's true face, and their ability to disguise themselves with the face of their human predecessor is one of the vampire's most useful powers. In Predators and Prey, Harmony Kendall implies that maintaining "vampface" takes effort and cannot be maintained for too long. However, older vampires like The Master,Kakistos, and The Prince of Lies are in vampface permanently, suggesting that the necessary effort fades over time.
  • While their hearts don't beat, vampires have some kind of blood flow which allows the blood in their bodies to be transported. This also means that vampires can be rendered unconscious if blood flow to the brain is interrupted (Spike did this to Drusilla in Becoming, Part Two) and that vampires can become intoxicated (Spike becomes drunk multiple times). Male vampires are capable of having sex, so they do have some blood flow enabling an erection.
  • They generate no body heat while at rest, though muscle action produces transient heat. However, humans seem rarely to perceive vampires' skin as cold (one who does is Billy Fordham on meeting Angel; "Lie to Me"). However, vampires are shown on a few occasions with visible breath when in the cold, such as in the scene where Liam (not yet called Angelus) first emerges from the grave and is talking with his sire, Darla, in "The Prodigal," which seems to indicate some sort of body heat, even immediately after reanimation. In "The Initiative," a thermal scanner shows Spike's body temperature to be 62.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Strangely, however, Winifred Burkle's scans of Spike's incorporeal body showed that he generated body heat ("Just Rewards").
  • Their bodies perform motor functions like human bodies, often better than humans.
  • Their lungs do not absorb oxygen or any other gases; vampires thus cannot be drowned or asphyxiated, although their bodies may retain the breathing reflex (Angelus choke-holding Spike in Fool for Love). A vampire is capable of speaking and smoking, however, Angel says that he cannot give artificial respiration to a drowned human ("I have no breath"; Prophecy Girl). However, in a possible continuity error, the first Turok-Han held Spike's head underwater while torturing him, and Spike briefly passed out and coughed up sizable amounts of water afterward (Bring on the Night).
  • Vampires heal rapidly, albeit in a similar way to human bodies (Spike's broken back heals, but after months have passed). However, they can suffer trauma (such as being put into a coma) that renders them unconscious. They can also have unhealable scars under certain conditions. Xin Rong used an enchanted sword to give Spike the scar on his eyebrow (actually James Marsters' real-life scar worked into the plot).Faith, aided by the spirit of Artemia, gave Kakistos a permanent scar and blinded him in the right eye.
  • Immunity to diseases - Darla and Spike's mother Anne are both physically cured when turned into vampires.
  • They do not generate life force, and their brains do not have the same mystical qualities of a human brain. This means Glory is not able to feed on vampire brains. Nor could the Root Monster of Couplet suck the life force from Angel—and defeated itself trying to do so.
  • Their bodies cast no reflection on mirrors or water. This also causes them to be immune to mind reading powers as shown in the episode "Earshot". Angel realizes Buffy is trying to read his mind and says, "You can't get into my mind." Buffy, taken aback by his realization asks, "How did you—why not?" Angel responds with, "It's like the mirror. The thoughts are there, but they create no reflection within you". However, they can still be photographed or video taped, as these systems function in the same way as human eyes.
  • Even though their bodies are clinically dead, a vampire's hair is apparently still able to grow. For example, Angelus had long hair until the 20th century. By the 1920's he had short hair, but by the 1970's he was long-haired again.
  • A vampire's nerve endings and pain receptors seem to work just as well as a human's; in "Innocence", Angelus is incapacitated with pain after Buffy kicks him in the groin.
  • Vampires seem to have fully functional tear ducts and be physically capable of crying; both Angel and Spike have shed tears on several occasions.
  • Vampires are unable to regenerate lost limbs ("Teacher's Pet"), though they can be surgically reattached ("Damage").
  • Vampires are unable to procreate in the human manner, although Angel and Darla managed to conceive Connor seemingly because of Jasmine's manipulations.
  • Vampires can survive the extremely high pressures of the deep ocean ("Why We Fight"). Angel was able to sink to a submarine with only weights attached to his legs and no protective suit.


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@The Stegman:  
Thanks but I meant more along the lines of feats 

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Im gonna try and get Willow and Illyria in here also

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Awesome respect thread so far! :)

I'll add a little for now off the top of my head. I will put in more when I can.

Spike struggled his hardest to pick up Olaf's Hammer to no avail yet Buffy is able to nonchalantly pick it up with one hand

I'd just like to add, not only pick it up, but she can wield it in battle with ease.

"My arms not even tired yet!" (Season 5, episode 22)

Buffy, Spike, Faith, and Angel would all be considered among the best fighters

I like to think Dru as well. I know she doesn't have as many feats as them though.

Her Hypnosis makes her tricky and dangerous.



(Season 5, episode 5)

Glory punches Buffy, she flies through the air (15ish feet), smashes her back into a concrete wall, leaving a big dent and crack. It happens again only the next time Buffy crashes face first. Glory continues to beat her. She's super strong (much stronger than Buffy), her punches ease through concrete. Glory whips her 20ish feet through the air.

Buffy jumps out of a two story window carrying the monk - 150ish pounds? who lands on top of her. Buffy continues to carry him out of danger.

Buffy's only injury appears to be a small cut on her forehead, probably from the glass. She is not even out of breath.

(Season 3, episode 1)

Buffy pushing a man out of harms way, gets hit by a car traveling 50 kmish. She is completely unharmed and proceeds to run away.

(Season 8, A beautiful Sunset)

Buffy get tackled by Twilight (who is travelling a super speed) through a large solid concrete tombstone. And later in the fight trough a water tower. Left with only minor injures, a few cuts to the face, which heal by the next night.

(Season 4, episode 8)

Buffy is unharmed when she gets shot by an arrow in her forearm. Pulls is out and fights.

Spike gets shot by threearrows in the chest and one in the leg, he is also unharmed.

(Season 7, episode 21/22)

Buffy's fight with Caleb (a stronger opponent), she gets slammed into walls, smashed into pillars, soaks in all his punches. She eventually knocks him out. Angel comes, they share a googly eye moment, Caleb gets back up and knocks out Angel with an artifact (some Egyptian cat thing). He hits Buffy with the same object and it did nothing to her. They fight more...she splits him half with the Scythe. No sign of physical injury, not even a bruise.

Buffy outran a bus going full speed

Before this; During battle, Buffy gets stabbed with a sword into her back straight through to her stomach by an Ubervamp. She continues to fight after this. She sends four Ubervamps flying threw the air with one swing of her Scythe and keeps on slaying...Later outruns the collapsing school, jumps across rooftops and catches up to the speeding bus. All that with a bleeding hole in her body!

(Season 4, episode ?)

She took and an electrical blast from an Initiative gun that send her flying back into a cave wall. She got up right away shrugging it off.

Tanks explosion (same with Willow)


(Season 3, episode 1)

Buffy lifts a steal portcullis and holds it for the prisoners to escape.

(Season 7, episode 1)

Buffy lifts a vampire who's twice her size that's stuck in underground with one hand.

(Season 6, episode 21)

Buffy bends steal jail bars wide enough for Andrew and Jonathan to escape.

(Season 6, episode 9)

On the floor with Spike on top of her, Buffy throws him off her with one and and sends him threw a wall. Collapses a house with Spike while having sex lool.

Kicks vamp / Kicks demon through brick wall.

Fighting Skills

(Season 8, The Long Way Home, Part 2)

Buffy easily defeats Leah, Satsu and Rowena (three slayers) in a training session.

(Season 8, The Long Way Home Part 4)

Buffy and Satsu take down a bunch or soldiers

(Season 8, The Last Gleaming, Part 5)

Buffy takes on three slayers who want to hurt her. She defeats them effortlessly. Saying she wasn't even fighting them.

Good accuracy showing. /Catches a surprize ninja star attack.

Buffy is very good at utilizing her surroundings.

She's been fighting a variety of baddies since she was 15.

Heal Factor

A lot of the times if Buffy does receive an injury, it will be heal by the next day. Unless it's something major.

24 hour recoveryish.

She must also have enhanced stamina, because all through high school and college she would be staying up all night fighting the forces of evil and then have school and more baddies to fight during the day. She only gets a few hours of sleep, and still manages to get good grades.

Weapons Master

We've seen her use pretty much every medieval weapon.

Skilled with the sword, cross bow, axe, hammer, etc.


Has the memories of all the past slayers.

Sometimes in her dreams she sees upcoming events. Which can help her like in "Hush".

Speed and Agility

Jumping rooftops/ Dodging blast from a demon at close range / High jumps / Staking several vamps before the can react.


Buffy's hair manages to stay shinny and fabulous in any fight.

P.S. I hope this is ok, if not just let me know.

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She's a very powerful witch who can pretty much do anything.

(Season 6, episode 19)

Bored Now

Willow flays Warren then completely obliterates him with a thought…and did a similar thing to a demon in season 6, episode 10.


Can summon gods (like Osiris) and demons at her will.

While she is destroying the world she senses Buffy (Willow is connected to everything and everyone) trying to stop her and summons creatures to fight her. They keep coming every time you kill them.


Blasts a holes in the ground large enough to bury three skyscraper sized goddesses.

Can rip demons apart limb by limb.

(Season 5, episode 20)

"Vozdukh, priyevratis, v kulak!" Holds glory, and sends her flying. Kind of like a force blast.


(Season 8, Twilight, Turbulence)

Unharmed from a kick by a skyscraper sized goddess (who is strength wise 100 tons)

(Season 8, The Long Way Home Part 4)

While being lobotomized, she merged her power through Buffy so that she could help her. Instantly heals herself afterwards.

Can easily brush of being slammed into the ground from high in the sky.

Pulls out an axe that was embedded into her back. It did no damage, not even leaving blood.

Super Strength

Can amp herself up to have Slayer strength, durability, and fighting skills. “Da mihi vim!"


Can turn anyone including herself into animals at her will.

(Season 8, Last Gleaming Part 1)

Makes Angel a frog./Turns several demons into kittens with a thought.

(Season 8, Retreat Part 1)

Turns herself into a seagull and Buffy a fish.

Elemental Sorcery

Can send giant roots like spikes up from the Earth and through giant demons.


(Season 6, episode 22)

Picks up fire and creates a giant fireball out of it. “Fly my pretty, fly!” She commands it to track and kill Andrew and Jonathan. “I can kill them from anywhere I want."

Melts robot Warren just by looking at him (Choke’s a bitch)

Burns her way out of a magical entrapment by thought.


(Season 5, episode 19)

Fires blots of electricity at Glory. “I owe you pain!”


Half unconsciously turns a sidewalk into water in order to break her and Buffy's fall.


Can teleport anywhere she wants in an instant.

Can teleport large groups of people and objects (like a huge submarine) over vast distances.

Can teleport people without them knowing. (Two to Go)

Can send people to other dimensions.

Illusion Casting

Hides Slayer base from army.

Recreated Warren’s dead ex to taunt him “Reveal”.


Can read and control minds, send people to sleep, communicate telepathically, etc.

Makes Anya free her against her will even though mind control doesn’t work on Vengeance Demons.


Froze Anya (who had her powers at the time and could not teleport).


Is a fast flyer.

Has no problem flying with Buffy on her back.

Raise The Dead

(Season 6, episode 1)

Willow brings Buffy back to life, pulls her out of Heaven.

Force Field Generation

(Season 5, episode 20)

"Enemies, fly and fall, circling arms, raise a wall!" Creates a powerful barrier, strong enough to keep out army of knights and several monks casting spells trying to break it.

Can entrap other powerful witches.

(Season 5, episode 19)

“Thicken!" Makes invisible shield that temporarily holds Glory.


"The power of the Slayer and all who yield it. Last to ancient first, we invoke thee. Grant us thy domain and primal strength. Accept us in the power we possess. Make us mind and heart and spirit joy. Let the hand encompass us. Do thy will." "Spiritus...Spirit." "Animus...Heart." "Sophus...Mind." "And Manus...The hand." "We enjoin that we may inhabit the vessel - the hand...daughter of Sineya...first of the ones..." "We implore thee, admit us, bring us to the vessel, take us now."

Giles, Xander, and Willow, merge their essence with Buffy making her really powerful, stronger, faster, can turn missiles to doves, etc…

(Season 4, episode 9)

Willow casts a spell that makes anything she wills happen.

“Harken all ye elements, I summon thee now. Control the outside, control within. Land and sea, fire and wind. Out of my passions, a web be spun. From this eve forth, my will be done. So mote it be”.

(Season 7, episode 22)

Preforms a world wide slayer spell giving all the potentials the power of a slayer.

Reality Warping

Can alter reality with a flick of her wrist without people even remembering.


Can heal herself at will.

Magical Absorption

Absorbs and at the same time kills Rack.

Absorbs all of the magic Gilles took from the Witches Covenant.

Can absorb power from people around her.

Absorbs magic from dark arts books.


Willow can remove and transfer souls with a point of her finger.

She gave Angel back his soul twice.


Willow stays young two hundred years into the future.

Magical blasts

Can fire or scream powerful and destructive magical energy blasts.

(Goddesses and Monsters)

KO's a demigod with one blast.

Genius level intellect

Expert in computer hacking, robotics, and potion making.


Willow can merge her magic with technology. E.g. touches her laptop and searches police files

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Wow forgot about this lol

@Renee: Thanks for the input!

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im a huge buffy fan but she is not a 4+ tonner, 1.5 ton - 2 ton max. my dad helps construct metal porticus's and the one depicted judging by the size looks a little over a ton and if memory serves me right she said "this is gonna hurt in the morning".

and buffyverse vampires are not 2 tonner either, 1 tonner max since some humans (including xander) can sometimes fend them off. Angel and two other demons plus 1 human had trouble carrying a demon coffin.

and the effects wasn't because of budgeting only in the first 2 seasons until it got a huge fan base then ratings went through the roof. wedons vampires are physically realistic. and in all honesty i can't see buffy lifting or any vampire lifting something as heavy as a volkswagon or merc.

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@pjcooper1986 said:

im a huge buffy fan but she is not a 4+ tonner, 1.5 ton - 2 ton max. my dad helps construct metal porticus's and the one depicted judging by the size looks a little over a ton and if memory serves me right she said "this is gonna hurt in the morning".

and buffyverse vampires are not 2 tonner either, 1 tonner max since some humans (including xander) can sometimes fend them off. Angel and two other demons plus 1 human had trouble carrying a demon coffin.

and the effects wasn't because of budgeting only in the first 2 seasons until it got a huge fan base then ratings went through the roof. wedons vampires are physically realistic. and in all honesty i can't see buffy lifting or any vampire lifting something as heavy as a volkswagon or merc.

I tend to agree with you, Buffy is not 4 tonner, but this don't change the fact that she is quite strong. So how strong is she? It is interesting question indeed... I think that realistically she is as strong as Dracula - she fought him in TV series, and they both were more or less equally strong, non of them could physically overpower each other - and to quote Van Helsing Dracula is: so strong in person as twenty men. And authors of TV series make it pretty clear that they thought about this classical version of Vlad Tepes, when they made Buffy vs. Dracula episode. There are also some Mythbusters episodes that could help us to approximate Buffy's strength and speed. First episode is about escaping coffin, Kill Bill myth. They measure up martial art expert punches: when he was laying on his back, each of his punches was 1482 Ibs strong, he could throw 20 punches per minute. So they build a robot arm that can throw 600 punches in half an hour - coffin lid cracked but didn't brake. And that was before they buried coffin 6 feet under, under 12. 000 punds of dirt. They conclude that only superhuman can escape from buried coffin:



Now compare this to BTVS episode Bargaining, when resurrected Buffy escapes from her coffin - notice that after only few punches coffin lid broke allowing her to dig through all that dirt:


Based on this we could safely assume that she is significantly stronger that somone who can deliver more than half a tone punch - his 600 punches couldn't break through coffin lid, when her few punches could. Sadly we don't know what kind of strength you need to escape a coffin?

How fast is she? Again Mythbusters episode about catching an arrow myth - they estimated that you need to be at least five time faster than human can be to be able to catch an arrow at point blank:


Buffy replicated this feat in BTVS episode Help

As for Angel carrying this 1 ton coffin - 1) this was just one episode, he have better feats than that, 2) notice that this was a robbery and people involved in it didn't trust each other, so if they all carry a sarcofagus they can hurt one another because they would have hands full with sarcofagus.

#15 Posted by pjcooper1986 (35 posts) - - Show Bio

oh yeah no doubt about it, buffy kicks serious ass and has great superhuman strength but like i said shes between 1 1/2 - 2 ton just about and i agree with the latter plus its cool how she breaks out of that coffin when she's ressurected XD

#16 Posted by PrinceAragorn1 (21204 posts) - - Show Bio

Butters, I was hoping for explaination on some stuff, I'll post the problems as I see angel. I'll delete the post later, as these maybe low showings:

Angel S1:

-sensitivity training works on him.

- Ep 7 : KO'd by falling from two floors.


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