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An ill-prepared Buffy comes face to face with the new Big Bad in the form of an old- fahioned death match in this standalone issue titled A Beautiful Sunset.

Buffy Season Eight continues to entertain longtime Buffy fans and newcomers alike with Joss Whedon at the helm and Georges Jeanty serving as series artist. Cover by Jon Foster. Variant cover by Georges Jeanty.


Buffy and Xander note a possible rogue slayer by the name of Simone Doffler. She and her crew have raided an ammo stash in Italy.

Buffy goes out patrolling later with Satsu. She tells her she's her best fighter but Buffy tells her she's in danger. It seems that Satsu is in love with Buffy since it was her kiss that woke her. Easily fighting off vamps, they continue the discussion.

The conversation is interrupted when Twilight comes smashing into her. Satsu is quickly knocked away and when Buffy tries attacking him, he shows her what he can do. As they fight, he tells here that he actually just wanted to talk to her. He ends up telling her that the world was okay when there was just one slayer. Now that there's so many, it's too much and they will suffer because of it. He says she's brought about a disaster and he will be the one to take care of it.

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