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Fleeing the Oklahoma dust bowl a group of immigrants from the Mid-West find themselves at the edge of a great American desert.

While there they come under the notice of Andel Cobra and his two cronies Scar and Snyle who decides their despair is just what he needs to build his own fascist army to take over America.

Sending his strong-are henchman Scar among them he is able to convince many of them to follow him, soon calling themselves Purple Shirts they enslave those who refuse to join them.

Their most staunch opponent is Ezra Smith.

Killed by Scar and his Stormtroopers Smith's son Buddy runs into the desert thinking that there is no hope for himself or the rest of America.

Crying in the desert he hears someone whistling Yankee Doodle Dandy. The person turns out to be Uncle Sam, who tells Buddy that he's there to help return the principles their forefathers died for.

Hearing this Cobra's henchman Snyle tried to put an end to Uncle Sam by pushing a huge bolder onto him, which Sam shrugs off as if it were a pebble.

After Buddy runs after and tackles Snyle Uncle Sam decides that Buddy would make a fine assistant for him.

Not long after that the Purple Shirts kidnap the president, Uncle Sam and Buddy however make short work of Cobra, Scar and the Purple Shirts.

After that Sam and Buddy speed off to defend America.

Where they live is never exactly clear, but at least for the War Buddy is Uncle Sam's consistent companion and helper.

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