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Buddy was a slapstick actor who starred in such films as, "Baggy Pants, Extra Baggy", Don't You Believe It" and "Where De Women At?", including countless others. Buddy has a reputation for being difficult to work with. Then sometime after he ranted on the Merv Douglas show about how the academy snubbed him, he was black listed from starring in movies.

Many people thought he died after moving to Gotham City, but sadly he just became an alcoholic and drank all his money away. He now lives in a small dank apartment and can't even afford the rent.

Major Story Arcs


Buddy is drunk in an alleyway of Gotham, thinking about the glory days when he was a somebody. He then wanders around and bumps into the Batman, but believes him to be Aston La Fong, one of his old co-stars from a movie he did years ago called "The Whispering Bat".

Buddy heads home where he is confronted by his landlady, wanting the rent money, but before she can get her hands on him, the Joker, kidnaps him.

The Joker dresses Buddy up like him, and wants to him to play the Joker in a biopic of his life. Buddy is reluctant at first but after realizing this is his big break agrees. Buddy goes off script alot and begins to rant, which the Joker loves. But when Buddy complains that the hired goon playing Batman is not up to his high standard the Joker agrees and take Buddy off set.

The Joker takes Buddy with him on a bank robbery and gets the Batman to show up. The Joker fights the Batman while the hired goons film. Then after they escape Joker takes Buddy back to the set. There Buddy starts getting the D.T.s and Joker give him more alcohol.

This makes Buddy enraged and he rants more, to the point that it even makes the Joker sleepy. After everyone is asleep, Buddy watches the film he's been acting in and decides that he needs to take the film to someone to promote it.

While escaping Buddy runs into Batman and helps him capture the Joker in exchange for him going free and keeping on two of the reels. Buddy then turns the reels into a movie called "Sounds and Fury: The Angry Genius of Buddy Kantor" and wins an academy award, but is still to high and mighty to give the Joker even a screen credit. This is something that Joker promises to will come back to Buddy later.

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