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After Hood and Jigsaw tortured Tigra into telling the secret location of the New Avengers home in Doctor Strange's house (that the Mighty Avengers could not legally invade), Chemistro broke the seal hiding the house. Hood's Crime Syndicate invaded, nearly destroying all the inhabitants (and risking the life of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' baby). After the battle, Strange had left so the magical seal could not be rebuilt, and furthermore it was no longer a safe place, so the New Avengers needed a new home. After the Secret Invasion's final (not-so-secret) battle, Bucky joined the New Avengers and offered his penthouse as a possible location). This became the Avenger's meeting place, and the living quarters of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, the baby, Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird, Bucky Barnes, and Spider-Woman. It was, obviously, a secret to everyone except the New Avengers, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones.

When Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) was converted into energy after her powers overloaded, one of the pieces of her body (in a humanoid form of energy) blasted the Ms. Marvel lightning bolt on the floor of the penthouse to alert the New Avengers to help locate all the pieces of Ms. Marvel (this mission was a success). The penthouse was not severely damaged by this incident.

Bucky began to become concerned about the damage and disarray his house was coming into (from the baby and Wolverine especially). Bucky had already been upset to find out an infant was living there in the first place. When he tried to express his frustrations, the rest of the New Avengers were busy talking about other stuff and kept talking over him.

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