The Fate Of Bucky Barnes?

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The Fate of Bucky Barnes: Revealed

What became of him?

As Stated: A common expression regarding comic book death was once "The only people who stay dead in comics, are Bucky, Jason Todd, and Uncle Ben."[3] referring to the seminal importance of those character's deaths to Captain America, Batman, and Spider-Man respectively. However, after the former two were brought back in 2005, the phrase was changed to only recognize Uncle Ben.

This long-held tenet was finally broken in 2005, when Jason Todd returned to life and Bucky Barnes was reported to have survived the accident that seemingly remaining in the shadows for all these years. Now we've seen Bucky take the mantel of Steve wielding the the bright patriotic colors of the nation that his mentor had fought for. He had endure a lot, in his time and went up against great odds not just super-villain threats that of his own country that he had fought so hard to protect.

Yet again for the second time fate and given him a card most foul when during the saga "Fear Itself" He was beaten by the Daughter of Red Skull, Sin who wielding magical Asgardian power seemingly attached him beyond his ability to survive. But not only was Bucky's close friends astonished, the many Comic Book Bucky Fans were two....


But the burning question still remained...would that statment be broken a second time?


What Gave us Hope....


And Finally:


Now we finally get to the well many months of waiting? Suspecting the worst? Asking questions desperately trying to figure out if he was alive, if once again the valaint hero of red ,white and blue could possible for the second time rise from the ashes? Well you'll be happy to know that we have solid confirmation that indeed Bucky Barnes the once thought dead hero will still continue his action in the Marvel Universe but instead of donning the bright colors of patriotism he seeks a path to redemption despite its darker colors and shadows it will cause him to follow. To Find out more about this new revelation check out Fear Itself Issue 7.1 for the full on details!

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EPIC THREAD!!! I love how you managed to post all the links that kept us wondering if Bucky was alive or not, great thread and I can’t wait to pick up the Fear Itself issue this weekend and are looking forward to seeing Bucky get a new series next year!!!! ^____^

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Pretty cool thread actually. :P

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