So now that we've seen Captain America: The First Avenger...

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What do we think is going to happen with Bucky? Johnston says he's very interested in making a Winter Soldier film, and the actor is contracted for a few more flicks, so what do you think? Will Bucky get his own movie? Will he be used as a villain in a future Captain America installment? What do you think about Sebastian Stan? 

Will you watch my movie?
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The best way I think they can go with this is to have Bucky return as Winter Soldier in the Cap sequel as a side-villain (who's being controlled by the main villain of the movie) who at the end is brought back to the good side by Cap. I think that would be the best way to handle the character and would make the most sense. I'm a huge fan of Bucky but I'm still not sure if he would be able to hold up his own movie as Winter Soldier, maybe as Captain America sure, but I don't think moms will be wanting to take their kids to see some guy randomly names "Winter Soldier". Not to mention that there's been talk of a War Machine spin-off since IM1 and I have yet to see any desire by anyone really to make that happen, so why would Bucky get a spin-off if even War Machine can't get one?
Bucky will most likely return in either the sequel as a side/main villain for Cap to fight as he adjust to the present day, probably under the control of HYDRA, and after being broken of his brainwashing he'll most likely end up as Cap's partner/supporting cast in the third installment.

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@War Killer Start writing Bucky for Marvel, please.

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