Off My Mind: What's Next For Bucky Barnes?

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Ed Brubaker managed to do what no one thought would ever happen. He brought Bucky Barnes back from the dead and he made him cool. Bucky went from being the kid sidekick of Captain America to a relentless (brainwashed) assassin for the Russian government.
Bucky soon overcame his programming and was reunited with Captain America. When Captain America died (no, he didn't really die, he was the victim of one of Red Skull's crazy schemes), Bucky accepted that he was worthy of being Captain America himself. Steve returned but insisted Bucky remain as Captain America. 

Word got out that the current Captain America had assassinated some U.S. citizens and Bucky turned himself in. He went on trial and was cleared. He's currently spending time in a Russian gulag for Russian crimes but we have to assume that eventually he'll get out. 

What is next for Bucky? It's been announced that Steve Rogers will return to being Captain America. While Bucky could be Captain America as well (just like Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are both Batman now), that probably wouldn't happen because of Bucky's trial. He obviously can't become the Winter Soldier again. Running around as Bucky just seems weird. What are Bucky's options? == TEASER ==

When Marvel announced that Ed Brubaker, Marc Andreyko and Chris Samnee were going to be the creative team on a Captain America and Bucky series, it seemed as if the two would be teaming up once again. But that will be a flashback series with the relaunched Captain America series (by Brubaker and Steve McNiven) featuring Steve as Captain America.

Bucky will eventually return to the United States. In comics, the public usually has a short term memory and would accept Bucky but it won't be an easy thing. There will always be that sense of mistrust due to the fact he was brainwashed. What Bucky needs is a new secret identity. 

There's no reason that Bucky can't operate with a new identity. The fact Bucky was so careless with his secret while he was Cap was one of his downfalls. Give him a new costume and cover up his metal arm, and he can be back in the hero business. What would be a good choice that is sort of available?

U.S.Agent! The suit was originally worn by Steve Rogers when he quit being Captain America (because the government felt they should be able to control him). It then went to Steve's replacement, John Walker. John is not quite in the condition to operate as the U.S.Agent and is currently the warden at the Raft. The suit was recently seen in the pages of Secret Avengers #12.1. The idea of Bucky taking on the U.S.Agent costume and identity came up when Shanagn7 asked me about it.

Bucky becoming the U.S.Agent is a brilliant notion. It'd fit with what he's already comfortable with. The big gloves gloves could help hide Bucky's metal arm. A cover story could be made that he's simply a new hero ready to fight the good fight. Heck, they could even say he was a candidate left over from the 50 State Initiative or a former SHIELD agent. John Walker could be a jerk at times but Bucky could make the identity really cool once again. 

So what we need to see happen is for Bucky to get out of the gulag and become a hero and Avenger once again. He definitely needs a new identity despite being acquitted and I say becoming a new U.S.Agent would be perfect.
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I think that Bucky should become U.S.Agent

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He should die. Maybe on some sort of drone plane.

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How about giving him the super-soldier costume? It looks cool and shares the star motif that's on his arm.

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Knowing Marvel, I half suspect he'll time travel back to 1939, make a deal with Mephisto to forget his entire life, get cursed to become weak and feeble, then join the Super Soldier program and HE WAS CAPTAIN AMERICA ALL ALONG OMG!

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I think a new identity would be best, the character (bucky) is already a fan fave so I don't think he needs to assume an existing mantle...

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I think it could be cool. If I had to decide, though, I think the right creative team could make him into a convincing Ronin; one that is prone to using guns as well as blades. It's an awesome identity, the suit gives away nothing about the wearer's identity (no one even knew it was a woman for the longest time), and both of the previous wearers are better suited in their previous identities (Hawkeye and Echo, respectively)

It's less obvious than US Agent. That's what I sort of like about it.

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U.S. Agent is the perfect fit for Bucky!
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as happy as i am that Steve is becoming Cap again, i hope they do something cool with Bucky , even thouh i havnt read much with him, its still hurts fans when characters are ripped from a good position. my heart goes out to you Bucky fans!!!!!
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Walker's not the US Agent anymore? Ooooh... :(
I loved him in the Mighty Avengers team under Hank Pym/Wasp...

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@dorsk188 said:
" Knowing Marvel, I half suspect he'll time travel back to 1939, make a deal with Mephisto to forget his entire life, get cursed to become weak and feeble, then join the Super Soldier program and HE WAS CAPTAIN AMERICA ALL ALONG OMG! "
Epic! XD
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Bucky should be Colonel America but U.S Agent would also be cool and John Walker should be the new Iron Patriot and Buck should have the force field shield on his metal arm.

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I think Bucky tired of all the relentless backpeddling and driven insane by the total lack of death and counter productivity he sees surrounding him should forge a gun and a crapload of bullets from shards of the Cosmic Cube and go on a rampage; shooting every person in a costume that he can, then sit and wait the required month and a half before they come back from the dead - due to time travel or them being locked in an alternate dimension or they're ressurected en masse by Doctor Strange. Go on trial be found innocent - because everyone he shot is alive, become Hawkeye for a few days (because guns, arrows, what's the difference?) before Clint says he's the rightful Hawkeye then Bucky travels back in time, in some whacky way, fathers Steve Rogers, then goes back in time again and assumes the identity of George Washington lives out his life and dies....

....only to awaken in the present day, saved by the Avengers who re-wrote history so none of that ever happened but everyone remembers so it's kind of like it still happened but it's never brought up again after a few months.

I really hate comics some days.

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U.S. Agent would be great for Bucky.  With all the great work Brubaker and Co. did to actually make the character decent, it would be a shame to let it languish until some ya-hoo comes along and turns him back into the joke that everyone was glad was dead. 

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US Agent dosent seem so bad, id like to have two Caps again but Agent will do.
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How about creating a new identity for Bucky? I mean, it's not like Steve Rogers' Super Soldier was previously established and him giving up his secret identity was one of the more interesting moves in recent comic book history - even though he did go on an undercover mission in his very firstt mission as Super Steve which is the one time where he would actually need a secret identity.

Or, alternatively, they could just let Bucky be Bucky. Not the sidekick-Bucky but use his actual name. Because he is James "Bucky" Buchanan Barnes. He doesn't really need a secret identity anymore, most heroes don't. I mean, they go punch superpowered robots from the planet Herfblargh in Central Park every other week. How can you expect anyone to believe that "Uh... I walked into a corner. Wait, what robot fight?" would cover up the wounds you've sustained? Besides, quite some heroes manage just fine without a secret identity. Tony Stark did fine for a while (no idea if it's still public knowledge or not since I can't stand Larroca's photoshoppery), John Stewart and Guy Gardner can get by just fine...

But I have to digress here for a bit. Why did they make Steve Super Soldier to begin with? He's been that for how long? A year? Sure, they have a movie coming out and all that, but they knew that before they were Supersoldiering him. So why create the Super Soldier in the first place?

And yes, it was a good idea, because it was new and exciting and felt fresh. It's not just rehashing some old costume with a new guy in it. I can understand it when they do it with the big icon heroes, like the Marvel Universe needs a Captain America, but it does not need a U.S.Agent or even a Bucky (the costume, not the name).

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Bucky's current situation could also be worked nicely into bringing him back as Nomad.

He could even rock the 'stashe that Monroe was sporting for a short while.
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i don't like steve becoming cap as much as he dosen't

i loved bucky being Winter Soldier and Cap

so if he becomes anything... then let it be us agent

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I'd rather see him take on the mantle of Nomad.

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i really do think he's going to die.

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Bucky shouldn't even be doing time for his crimes as Winter Soldier, why does the American Government want to ice him now instead of years before becoming Captain America? We know why Bucky is in prison, but maybe the government has a vendetta on Bucky. 

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@KRYPTON said:
" Bucky shouldn't even be doing time for his crimes as Winter Soldier, why does the American Government want to ice him now instead of years before becoming Captain America? We know why Bucky is in prison, but maybe the government has a vendetta on Bucky.  "
That, or it's one of these ridiculous political signals that the higher-ups think are so important. But the people who get to notice it won't get it as politics are so far removed from real life by this point that they don't really impact anything Joe the Plumber does anymore. That would be a nice QED-sort of thing, though. Because the readers don't get it either.
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Bucky should hit the gym, die his hair White and pretend to be Cable. So we can have Cable/Deadpool back lol

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What if he became Colonel America a la Marvel Zombies?

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U.S. agent is a great idea he's wearing the american colors, he hides his mechinical arm and U.S. agent uses guns and Bucky does that too.I say it's a good idea.
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Winter Soldier again maybe?

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He can always jump ship and join Batman Inc.

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I think it'd be cool if they came up with a new identity for him. Something patrioticy. I'm glad Steve's becoming Captain America again, i liked Bucky as Cap, and i'm glad he kept the shield after Steve returned but it's time.

And i think its getting to the point where i want Nightwing back....
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Wow I didn't know that Walker wasn't US Agent any longer.  Maybe that is a role that Bucky could now take on.  Almost seems tailor made for him...

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I'd be fine with this, my only fear is that Bucky's going to get pushed into Steve's shadow and he'll slowly be forgotten. So if they did this it would ease my fears, plus it would also mean he could still be on the Avengers!!! ^_^

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@ironshadow said:
" Bucky should be Colonel America but U.S Agent would also be cool and John Walker should be the new Iron Patriot and Buck should have the force field shield on his metal arm. "
Very interesting
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i'm cool as long as they don't waste all the character development and kill him during fear itself for cheap shock value or have him and steve both be captain america cause everyone would just call him bucky cap anyway in the marvel universe and in real life and that's not fair to him ,being the u.s agent would allow him to get back to doing the dirty work behind the scenes that captain america could'nt do like he did in ww 2 as bucky
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@gordocomics said:
" i really do think he's going to die. "
 I have the same feeling too. Smh
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i also don't want him to get the same treatment as wally west over at dc you ask anyone about him and all they say is barry allen is their focus right now , you cant even get him in justice league when alot of former titans are on the team instead you get jesse quick CMON MAN!!!
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Wow, I had no idea Bucky had already lost the mantle of Cap.  I figured that, when the Cap movie rolled around, Marvel would be doing more things to get people pumped up to watch Steve as Cap, but I never thought they'd stop having Bucky be the "real" Captain America".

I'm not sure where you go from here.  I really liked the Winter Soldier idea, and a variation on that name and outfit could definitely be cool.  US Agent definitely makes a lot of sense, but I think Bucky should get a new costume.  I think the old one is fine-looking and all, but I'm not a huge fan of new guys jumping into old costumes and taking the "identities" of old heroes.  When Ben Reily became Spider-Man, he got a new costume!
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I like that idea too.  It allows Bucky to be a bit more hard-edged than what a reader would assume from a Captain America.

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Bucky would be a great U.S. Agent.

#38 Posted by Doctor!!!!! (2135 posts) - - Show Bio

If he dies...... I probably won't care, Karma's a Be-otch!
#39 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (4963 posts) - - Show Bio

A new identity and theme comes to mind, but shame on me for thinking outside the patriotic box.

#40 Posted by GT-Man (4039 posts) - - Show Bio


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I don't see an issue with their being two Captain Americas. I like Bucky's suit and, despite my best efforts, I liked Bucky as Cap. It was nice to see someone trying to make something that was so iconic his own. It was fun seeing the choices he made vs. what Steve would have done.

Why throw that all away?

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I think it's obvious.  The man is going to Disneyland.

...but I like dorsk188's comment on page one.

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I think he must start working for Nick Fury, fighting against HYDRA and Leviathan.

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I like the idea of US Agent
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What's next for Bucky Barnes?


He should go out and see the new Thor film.


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Having Bucky drop himself down to Z-stringer is a total waste of some truly epic character rehab.  Have him slide into the Secret Avengers position, put Bucky in charge of a true Marvel U "Outsiders". And let writers run wild with it. 

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NO U.S. Agent is a terrible idea. What when Walker wants his identity back? If Bucky doesn't get to be Cap then he needs to make up a new identity, not take someone else's again.

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we will have to see what happens after fear itself #3 the preview images suggest something bad may happen to bucky i hope marvel does'nt go that route and just wipe him out cause they got a movie coming
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I like Bucky too much as Cap. and i like Steve's new status and costume too much. Its too soon for them to just shuffle that off, and really, why can't he return to the mantle?
Hawkeye did for one. Nomad? pretty sure Rikki Barnes is Nomad the last time i read, imo. UGAgent would be acceptable...i guess. The spot is open.

@A_O_N said:

" NO U.S. Agent is a terrible idea. What when Walker wants his identity back? If Bucky doesn't get to be Cap then he needs to make up a new identity, not take someone else's again. "

Walkers in no way to take up the mantle again.
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Why can't Bucky just have his own US related persona.Why does he have to take another characters? If John Walker isn't going to be U.S Agent I don't want Bucky to be U.S Agent either.


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