DC counterpart

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Dick or Jason?

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@Primmaster64: Jason.
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Dick b/c he is the original and considered the best. Just as Bucky is the original and best captain america sidekick. The only similarity Jason and James have are the fact that they were sidekicks that died and came back as anti-heroes.

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He lacks anything in common with either besides being a sidekick at one point. Bucky's DC counterpart would more likely be someone like Rick Flag

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It might be Jason.

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Technically Bucky didn't die he was brainwashed and frozen.

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what about Stripes he use to be sidekick too.
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I'd say Dick Grayson.  They were both the 1st sidekick of iconic heroes, and both took over the mantle of their mentor.  They also both grew out of there sidekick role into new personas (Nightwing/ Winter Solider)

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I think it might be both.

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Dick Grayson 
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I was thinking Jason before even seeing the two choices so I'll stick with that.

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Neither, the only thing Bucky really has in common with either of them is that they were all three sidekicks at one point.

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Grayson. The relationship with Batman, the way they act. Morality etc etc. 
Jason is a villain, Bucky isn't.  
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Dick more than Jason.

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both but a bit more of.....Grayson
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@entropy_aegis said:
Dick more than Jason.
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I know I've already posted here, but Grayson. I'd say that the 50s Bucky is much more like Jason. Just because he finds it acceptable to kill others, doesn't mean that he's closer to Jason, the thing is that in the crowd he hangs around, killing people is much more acceptable.

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@ReVamp: is bucky alive cause i read on the wiki that he is but that might be a typo??

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@Z3RO180: Yes. Alive and kicking.

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Jason. Both died due to the failure of their mentors. Both arguably died heroes. When they came back, both only had "sense memory" left, and were exploited by larger organizations. Both initially seemed to have beef with their former mentors before leaving to unknown fates in their initial storylines. Both end up taking over the mantles of their mentors, while looking much different than them. Of course then Jason ends up losing it to Grayson in a horrible storyline. Both mentors end up dying, and find themselves traveling in time....:P

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@Primmaster64 said:

Dick or Jason?

I'd say Dick MIXED with Jason. He was Steve's first sidekick like Dick was for Bruce, he was thought to be dead like Jason(Well Jason WAS dead, but I digress), he became a killer like Jason, but when he snapped out of it he shaped up and became Captain America in a GOOD way roughly following in Steve's footsteps like Dick did with Batman and unlike Jason who continued his murderous ways while using the Batman guise.

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He has something from both of them.

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