Bryan Q. Miller interview + Batgirl #24 preview (Kinda Spoilers)

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Full interview over on CBR but here are the main points.

  1. Stephanie was originally going to spend two issues in London.
  2. The current arc was going to end around issue #30 so he had to put 120 pages into 40.
  3. Clancy's death and Nick's history with the reapers were going to have whole issues dedicated to them.
  4. Stephanie was going to go undercover at Blackgate before finding out her father was there and head of the reapers.
  5. There was a request by higher ups to broom Wendy out of the way.

Here are the preview pages for #24

I'm sad to hear that he was rushed into finishing this story but really happy to hear he is working on something.

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I'm skipping any and all previews for this and Detective because I want to read the stories in their entirety as they end. Very sad that this is ending, and hopefully Steph and Cass might get some other Bat-book in the future. A bot can hope, can he not?

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