Somebody? Anybody? Give this guy a series to draw!

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My girlfriend and I are at BAM looking around and I decide to check out the comics section. I'm flipping thru a couple of books I don't normally read and I see the latest issue of The Avengers. It's the Point One issue for the book and I open it up, expecting for my eyes to burn at the sight of Romita, Jr. art. Instead, its the awesomeness of none other than Bryan Hitch! I loved his work on Ultimates and to be honest I haven't seen much from him lately. The entire issue was a work of art. I would definitely read this even with Bendis writing if Mr. Hitch was the full time artist. For the life of me, I can't figure out why this guy doesn't have a full time gig with a major comic company right now. GIVE THIS MAN SOME WORK! 




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How can Marvel torture us with Romita, Jr, give us Bryan Hitch and then take it away for Chris Bachalo???

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Because Marvel is a corporation of Sadists and they love to torture their customers.

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usually the point one issues are promotional, so I'm sure that means we're about to see a lot of him.
his art is very nice to look at.

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It's because like a bunch of great artists he takes a long time to finish projects and he just wouldn't be the best choice for an ongoing series.

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I agree. I'd love him on Superman instead of Romita.

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