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Brief History

Howard Lindley was a classic nerd, bullied for his whole life up until the time of his accident. He was despressed and scared that he would never win the woman of his dreams, Anne Benson. Tired of this harassment and fresh from reading about a monster in a comicbook, Lindley tripped on a pencil and fell into an atomic machine. The machine reconfigured him based on what was in his imagination at that moment- in this case, the comicbook character Bruttu!

Transformed, Lindley / Bruttu discovered that his vocal chords didn't work in his new form and his attempts to write were interpreted as clumsy attacks. Tiring of being harassed even as a superbeing Bruttu went on a genuine rampage, tearing down a building and a Ferris wheel before the Army chased him.

Realising that the Army would inevitably find and kill him, he decided to visit Anne and wrote her a note- which she thought was a lie written by Bruttu! Thinking that Bruttu had killed Howard, Anne revealed to Howard / Bruttu that she loved him! Howard Lindley determined that he would live, and finally win Anne. Returning to the lab where the atomic machine was housed Howard re-exposed himself to its strange wish fulfillment power and this time imagined himself as he was as a human. He was successfully transformed back! At long last, he won the heart of the woman he loved, and lived out the rest of his days as a human being, convincing the authorities that Bruttu had only been an invader from the stars.

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