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Brute was hired by Elijah to protect his drug lab under the Mojave Desert. Brute has super human strength and stamina but he appears mentally challenged. It is unclear how Brute got his powers.

Major Story Arc

Brightest Day: Villains for Hire

When Deathstroke and his team of Titans evade Elijah drug factory they seem to have Elijah trapped, but then the team gets taken down on by one. The last man standing is Deathstroke, but he is blind sided by a right hook from Brute. Deathstoke tries everything to take down Brute, but it isn't until Osiris kills Elijah that Deathstroke is able to get an upper hand.

Brute turns his attention from Deathstroke and attacks Osiris for making "Elijah asleep Forever". Osiris is able to knock Brute down with one punch, then Cinder and Cheshire double team him. This outrages Brute but Osiris gives him an upper cut that knocks him out. After that Brute isn't seen again.


  • Super Strength and Stamina

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