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Bruce Wayne and Sasha Bordeaux are charged with the murder of Vesper Fairchild.  Without Batman leading the family, they are forced to work together to prove Bruce's innocence while trying desperately to keep their secret lives just that.  The investigation turns down a dark path as some evidence suggests that Vesper knew that Bruce Wayne was Batman, as evidence continues to pile against their mentor the Batman Family begin to have their doubts about whether or not Bruce Wayne did kill her.  Meanwhile Bruce Wayne struggles under the pressure of keeping up his appearance and not being his other persona, Batman.  Eventually Bruce has enough and escapes prison, denouncing his Bruce Wayne persona and choosing to fully embrace the Batman.  Before leaving a stunned Batman Family, Dick Grayson demands to know why he is doing this and if Bruce Wayne never existed then who raised him?  The two former partners come to blows and the arc ends with Batman leaving the Batcave and his Family behind as they don't know if he did the crime or not. 

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