Bruce Timm opened the door to several Batman possibilities

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After reading the latest article about the Batman Animated Series, I would have to say that Bruce Timm's vision of the Batman opened the door to endless possibilities for the Batman franchise and mythos. If only someone could revitalize this animated franchise once again but make it darker than any animated version. However, to produce an animated version like this you would need someone like adult swim, MTV, HBO or some other mature adult television broadcast to back you up then you enter unforseen territories.

I like how some people remember the Maxx and Spawn because those cartoons really captured the raw material of those comic strips which made them so potent to their beloved fans. It would be the same thing for Batman and personally after seeing Batman: Gotham Knight, I would design each cartoon the same way only difference would be more violence, profanity, sexual encounters, and having dark story lines or grotesque origins brought to life. How cool would it be to see Mr. Zsasz muttering to himself about his latest tally mark, Bruce and Selina entering a warm embrace in Bruce's bed or even better the Batcave, Humpty Dumpty desperately trying to put a corpse back together, Pyg removing someone's face and having Flamingo eat it. I mean those possibilites are infinite. I would also look forward to a Jigsaw Killer version of the Riddler because they basically share the same backstory despite a few details. I sure hope this kind of cartoon is made because I just heard about this CGI version of Batman for Cartoon Network and honestly after Batman: Brave and the Bold, I would think animators would do a much better job instead they continue to butcher a legend.

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