bruce lee can beat basketball players?

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in what terms?

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You're crazy, NEW VENOM

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This is a horrible thread.Basketball Players are Basketball Players because they are good at Basketball.Nobody is expecting anyof them....not even Yao Ming or Yi Jianlian to be good fighters.Now if Bruce were to play any of them one on one in Basketball...he wuld get his ass handed to him.

#6 Posted by Akira Overdrive (10075 posts) - - Show Bio

Well duh.He's the sh!t.

He beat Kareem Abdul Jabar.

#7 Posted by Eternal Chaos (22990 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm sorry, but Venom, please stop making threads. They get even MORE ridiculous than the last one you did.

#8 Posted by King Saturn (223796 posts) - - Show Bio

LMMFAO. This is thread is so riduculous its just funny as hell to me. What the hell have you been smoking NEW VENOM ? Do you see you made a battle thread where Bruce Lee is fighting basketball players ? Wow ! Whatever you been smoking can I have some ?

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