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Hail to the King Baby
Bruce Campbell is a star of stage and screen, and has also worked behind the as a writer and director, as well as working on the audio of Darkman. 
Bruce has also written the comic book adaptation of his movie Man With The Screaming Brain, and has had his iconic character Ash Williams adapted into dozens of comic book issues. Bruce recently played himself in a parody of his life called my name is Bruce, a Dark Horse Comics Production, and has appeared in every Spider-Man film thus far in bit parts. Though Bruce Campbell is considered by many to be a B-Movie actor, he is one of the hardest working actors in show business, even writing two best selling novels, and working on a third book presently.  

Where it all began the Legendary Pairing... Sam and Bruce  

Photo from Evil Dead Army of Darkness. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell

We first saw Bruce star as the epic cult character r Ashley J "Ash" Williams in The Evil Dead, Sam Raimi's earliest film. A low budget horror flick that was too becomes one of the most worshiped movies of our time. He supported his friend Sam by not only starring in the film but also working on the camera. The Evil Dead series continued to prosper as a cult following grew behind the epic Horror film. Sam would be Bruce's Golden Fleece as film after film grew his popularity; the pairing would be as epic as George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg. Following on from Evil Dead Bruce would star in the sequels to follow Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness.  


 The pair would go on to work on the legendary series Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules as well as short but hilarious appearances for Bruce in the Spiderman series. It is often said you can not throw a rock in a Sam Raimi movie without hitting Bruce or Sam's brother Ted.


Film and Television

Full list of his Television and Film appearances can be found at IMDB  


 Bruce most notable movies are Evil Dead 1 and 2, and Army of Darkness.  Not to mention his unforgettable appearances in Spider-Man as the wrestling announcer. Spider-man 2 the usher; and Spider-man 3 he played as the Maître d’ of the French restaurant. 


 His most recognizable roles were Brisco County Jr., Jack of All Trades, and his character Autolycus from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.


Bruce has written introductions for two books as well as a column for X ray magazine. Also trying his hand at screen writing and directing.    

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