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Dan-El and Natongo, who took an oath of brotherhood at the very beginning, were both kings by right, whose thrones had been usurped. Restoring Dan-El in the kingdom of Aba-Zulu and Natongo in Tungelu occupied the first couple of years of the series. By the time it was done, both were married, Dan-El to the beautiful Tavane and Natongo to the equally beautiful Zulena. But neither affairs of state nor family duties had any effect on their love of adventure, and they had many more, one running smoothly into the next, over a period of years.

Dan-El and Natongo were both kings of nearby, but unrelated kingdoms of Aba-Zulu, and Natongo who had their thrones seized by villains and/or court intrigue.

Meeting in the wild lands of the alternate world Africa that separated their kingdoms the two swore an oath of brotherhood to help each other regain their rightful places.

Becoming known as the Brothers of the Spear the pair eventually drove out the usurpers and went back to leading their respective kingdoms.

This however was not the end of their partnership because when menaces from the Wild threatened, be it other invading kingdoms, evil wizards or giant green apes, each knew that the other was always ready to come to the aid of the other.

Eventually Dan-El married Tavane, while Natongo married Zulena of his kingdom.

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