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The Brotherhood of Dada came to existence after its leader Mr. Nobody was rejected from the Brotherhood of Evil, told by their members that if he were ever to return they would kill him. Running away to a distant island an ex-Nazi scientist proposed to do an experiment on him. The process drove him insane and he now saw the universe as a "drooling idiot with bad sense of fashion" . He then set out to create an anarchist version of the Brotherhood, naming his the Brotherhood of Dada. Their goal was  to bring chaos to the world. This was done by taking a magical painting which could trap those who beheld it. They used this in Paris, drawing the entire city into the painting. After the confrontation with the Doom Patrol and their eventual team-up to stop the 5th Horseman of the Apocalypse, the original members of the Brotherhood of Dada chose to live peacefully into the painting. This version of the Brotherhood of Dada was composed of Frenzy, the Fog, the Quiz, Mr. Nobody, and Sleepwalk.

Sometime later Mr. Nobody manage to escape to our world and re-introduce the Brotherhood of Dada, along with plans to run the country. This incarnation of the Brotherhood of Dada was composed of Agent "!", Alias the Blur, Number None, the Love Glove, and Mr. Nobody. Not wanting this to be an illegal process Mr. Nobody, used a combination of LSD and several other drugs to turn the entire population of USA into happy-go-lucky individuals who were about to vote for him for President. However, the Pentagon sent one of their own "freaks" against him, John Dandy, who kills almost the entire Brotherhood of Dada. Only then does the missing member of the Brotherhood of Dada, the Toy appear.

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