Sorcerer Supreme and the Secret Defenders

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Considering that Brother Voodoo is the new sorcerer Supreme, has he inherited Dr strange's Tarot Cards? If so, will he use them and who will he assemble?  Any thoughts would be welcome.

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Could be interesting to see a "Doctor Voodoo" incarnation of the Secret Defenders... But I dunno if he got the Tarot Cards, he got the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation but I dont recall Strange ever saying his tarot cards were part of the deal... As for who, it's all up to the cards to decide...

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@eganthevile1: If so, Strange may use the cards again in the future. However, i guess it depends upon the writer....i doubt that Bendis will notice the tarot cards.
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Good lord do I hate it when he's called "Doctor Voodoo"  It was monstrously stupid to give him the title of 'Doctor' since it has nothing to do with being Sorcerer Supreme.  The only reason Dr. Strange has the title is because he was an actual medical doctor.  
That being said, the Defenders and the Secret Defenders are Strange's thing.  Pretty pointless to appoint a new Sorcerer Supreme if they are just going to copy/paste everything about Dr. Strange onto the new guy.  They should let Brother Voodoo be Brother Voodoo and not make him a Dr. Strange clone.     ...but since he's dead at the moment, it's a bit moot. 

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@Green Skin: Yeah, Voodoo wasn't given enough of a chance to develop as sorcerer supreme, woulda been interesting to see how his approach to safeguarding earth differed from Strange's.

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