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The Broken Star Liberation Army (BSLA)  manifesto contains:
  • Abolishing the federal government
  • Abolishing taxes
  • Deregulating almost everything
  • Instituting a completely unfettered free-market economy
During their assault on the U.S., the BSLA drove their tanks up to the steps of the U.S. capitol where they read their manifesto. Smaller teams took over the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. Their successes were short lived. The BSLA also set off bombs and assaulted shopping malls, amusement parks, banks, and corporate headquarters.
Two U.S. armored divisions quickly retook the capitol, the 82nd Airborne took back the Statue of Liberty, and Marines took back Mount Rushmore.
The actions of the BSLA's assault combined with Internet rumors, perpetrated by COBRA, stating that many other attacks were covered up by the US government, pressed the president to declare martial law. During martial law, the security teams were outsourced to COBRA.


The Broken Star Liberation Army was created by Larry Hama.

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