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Britta is a member of a study group at Greendale Community College.


Drawn by Jim Mahfood. Writing credit is given to Troy Barnes, a fictional character from the TV show. It's actually the writing of show creator Dan Harmon.

Major Story Arcs

After some of her group is zapped by the Snake Men into the Phantom Zone, she is taken captive (along with her friend Annie) to be the carrier of Snake Men babies despite her views of the inequality of the situation. She and Annie are held hostage in only their underwear. After Kickpuncher saves the two ladies, it is revealed that Britta and Annie are now in love and Britta wants to live in the pyramid in which they had been held captive.

Other Media


Jillian Jacobs

Britta is a character inspired by the TV version played by Gillian Jacobs. The creator of the comic, Troy Barnes, states in the book that the characters are only based on his friends (or, to those beyond the fourth wall, the people on the TV show). So, while her character in the show cannot be considered canon for the comic, watching can give insight to the character when viewed from Troy's perspective.

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