Unscripted Review: Brightest Day #9

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Good Unscripted review!

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2.99? Comics used to be 10 cents tho. :P

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The Martian Manhunter stuff was way too cryptic. Really wanna know more about the new Aqualad. Digging him so far. This was a solid 4 outta 5 for me.
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I'm liking David Finch's work more and more lately. Great stuff. 
Nice scream part for MM's insanity, haha.

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But her friend is nowhere to be seen, now she walks through her sunken dream... to the seat with the clearest view... and she's hooked to the silver screen, but the film is a saddening bore, for she's lived it ten times or more: she could spit in the eyes of fools... as they ask her to focus on sailors fighting in the dance hall. Oh man! Look at those cavemen go... it's the freakiest show. Take a look at the lawman beating up the wrong guy. Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know: he's in the best selling show.... is there life on Mars?
Hmmm, hopefully J'onn can come out of this series with people still interested in him.

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I totally agree with you guys on eveything in this review. Their inconsistencies with characters is very frustrating. great review!
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I think you should present us with a 3-minute expert on Martian Manhunter and how utterly ridiculous he is especially since he blew off his own hands with his ray beams.

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Love the art
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Maybe MM thoughts would have been more clear if they had change the font and color. I know I had trouble reading it at first.

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That tree better be Swap Thing! By the way... Green Arrow in a forest is the corniest plot EVER!

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Interesting, so MMH is battling his own demons or something? lol damn sarah looks so adorable with her bangs and that new haircut :P mmm lol 

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The only bad thing about this issue...was that stupid "FOREST FIRE!" thing on the front.  I wish they'd stop putting that crap on the amazing covers for these books.
With that said, this issue brought my faith back in this series.  Too bad I hate more issues than I like.  I have decided, however, that I need to stop looking at this series as its bi-weekly setup and more as a "double-sized monthly issue". 
One complaint that I've had about the series was brought up in this review:  there's only certain focus on certain characters in certain issues, which causes it to feel disjointed.  However, looking at it in a "double-sized monthly" way, each of those months end up focusing on a large number of characters.  In turn, it makes me think that they could've done that and it would've been a far more interesting book at times. 
Nonetheless, I figured you guys would've ended up liking the issue more than you did.  The Martian Manhunter stuff was good, ESPECIALLY since it FINALLY crossed over into one of the Brightest Day spin-off books.  At the same time, it almost made me feel like it was a shameless ploy to say "hey, you should go read Green Arrow now".  I liked the setup for Aquaman and Aqualad, and the Black Manta piece at the end was pretty sweet too. 
I'd also like to say that the stuff with Martian Manhunter pointed out a Black Lantern tidbit, and I thought that was interesting since we hadn't seen a portion of BL stuff with MM yet. 
All I know is issue #10 is the one with the Aqualad/Deadman cover, and I'm psyched about that issue tremendously. 
Good review as usual.

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Whoa, Martian looked freaky.

#14 Posted by sora_thekey (8210 posts) - - Show Bio

Aww.... I'm still on issue #5! 
Love the Ferngully reference though

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Quick question: Is the new Aqualad the same as the one in the new Young Justice cartoon?

#16 Posted by micahsage (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I cant wait to see the conclusion of this series.  
and btw: i dont know why nobody has pointed this out, but babs is hot!

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I agree on both points. :)
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The plot thickens..and goes everywhere!
Man, the final issues will be c-raaaazy! At least I hope so!

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Is it hot in the office? G-Man looks as if he ran marathon. Babs had some dymanic lighting in this one.
My biggest problem with Aqualad is that often times the way the artists have drawn him. He looks more Aqua MAN than the actual Aquaman. Just feels weird to be calling some buff guy, "lad".

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@BaBaBoom: I believe it is the same Aqualad. Although I've heard the Young Justice cartoon takes place in the regular DC universe. I don't see how that's possible. 
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I'm loving this series, I can agree that the pacing suffers from the large cast of characters. I'm loving the new Aqualad stuff and Black Manta, very cool. 4/5

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WHATS up with the front page art? it miles away from the justice leage image, looks like the 8o's fantasy art lol!
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Gotta love that Green Martians style it slaughtered all those people and even took the time to pack some nicely in the freezer, enjoy those double stuff Choco's Martian you earned them!

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Nice review, nice to see you two back together doing a review.  Also, really agreed with the sentiment.  I'm just not sure how they could resolve the problems you brought up with the series.

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Thanks for doing this review, I had to drop this title because I don't have an infinite amount of money to spend and had to pick and choose what comics to get.
So I am glad I can keep up with the title and hear about stuff without having to get it, and that I can wait and get it as a trade.

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@GraphicCasualFreak: It's funny though when we do the dual reviews, they often seem to get less comments than our solo ones. I think that says something. Then there also the number of views. Sure the particular issue reviewed/discussed is a factor but we usually try to pick the biggest book of the week to review together.
#27 Posted by GraphicCasualFreak (214 posts) - - Show Bio

Well, personally, I like seeing dual reviews as they have the opinions of both of you.  Which I think is cool.

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