the_cyan_lantern's Brightest Day: The Atom Special #1 - Nucleus, Prologue review

Atom's Back, But Is It Worth It?


   Following Brightest Day, Ray Palmer is returning to his destroyed lab were he meets with his professor to look at the past and solve a mystery. 

The Good:

   In Blackest Night I surely became an Atom fan as he was Indigo tribe. Also when we saw that resurrected one shot with Hawkman and Atom. So going through this I felt a small sense of hype.

The Bad:

   With that small sense of hype I built up it just left me unfulfilled. Like "What happened when Ray was no longer part of the Indigo tribe?" or "How is he dealing after seeing his resurrected ex-wife?". But that wasn't the main reason why it didn't do so well. First we see a link to Brightest Day, cool, but then it rushes into 2 pages of action and the rest is his background. After that was all done we get another 2 pages of plot development and then told to pick up Adventure Comics #516 to follow the second feature. Maybe the Atom might not the most successful single title selling character but to read him in a second feature is not worth it.

Vote: 3 out of 5

   If the Atom is your number one favorite character buy otherwise it's not worth it.        
Posted by Myninjadon

I really enjoyed this comic.  Jeff's writing and story structure is fantastic.  The way he can just take a little bit of action and then give background on The Atom's life for the majority of the story.  Now I know this is apart of the brightest day arc but its not what I was expecting.  This is just a jumping off point for Jeff Lemire to kick start the Atom.  All in all i am gonna read action comic #516 to see if the story gets better.  

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