matkrenz's Brightest Day #9 - Lost & Found review

Only you can prevent forest fire's but there isn't one.

The 9th issue of Brightest Day. 
The Story :We start with Boston and Dove appearing in front of Aquaman and Mera.Where Boston explains what we saw in issue 7 to Arthur and it seems Mera knows about kid from Aquamans vision.Speaking of Jackson it seems he shows powers of controlling water like Mera does and is pentting up his powers and the reasons he's pentting it up because his parents don't want him to be hurt.Then we cut to J'onn arriving in Ollie's forest and starting to "Hulkout" for lack of a better term for a green guy becoming strong and monstruous.We also have scenes of the other martian walking around a supermarket were she has killed everybody and is walking around.Then J'onn arrives at the White Lantern tree and starts attacking and Ollie attacks him.And the dialogue for the next couple of pages can only be described as Deadpool monologing on crack wich is saying something.Then aftew having a vision of being on Mars with the martian.After leaving the forest,J'onn knows were he has to go next.And last pages we see Black Manta fighting Mera's sister and her goons and we find out that Black Manta is Jacksons real father and we better not get a friggin "Empire Strikes Back" rip-off moment.

The Good :The art is still great.We also get more straight forward goals with J'onn and i loved his insane rambling moments in the forest,it reminds me so much of how Deadpool could be if he did crack.Also the big reveal for Black Manta was really and it's really awesome that were going to get more Black Manta in the future issues.Also seeing the other martian stopping in front of Choco cookies wich was a really nice scene,even though he/she just killed  a whole bunch of people.

The Bad :We only got 2 stories being advanced is this issue but in a very big way,so hopefully in the next issue's the other stories will be progressed in some way. 
The Verdict :This issue was really good in my opinion and we saw good progres for J'onn and the new Aqualad.This serries has really been picking up since issue 7 and i wonder what the conclusion will be.I say buy this issue.

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