matkrenz's Brightest Day #8 - Defiance review

Welcome to the jungle.

8th issue of Brightest Day. 
The Story :We see Boston demanding the White Lantern to take him to Green Lantern and Dove tags along.Then we see J'onn asking about who attacked her and M'gann tells J'onn to see into her mind and we see her fighting hte monster and J'onn realizes that their is another martian.We then go to HawkWorld and Tonrarr leads Hawkman to a cave and gives him a history lesson about HawkWorld,then Hawkman decides to go get Hawkgirl out of prison and decides to have the Lionmane tribe helping him as an army.We then see Hawkgirl breaking out of prison and getting knocked out by the the Queen who is someone that she knows very well.Then J'onn and M'gann scan the world and find a telepathic black hole  in Star City.  
The Good :We see a lot of progression for the HawkWorld story and some progress for J'onns story and where Boston is going next.The art is excellent and so is the inking.Also Shierra is still a badass as always and the art for M'gann is really good. 
The Bad :We only had progression of only 2 stories but this is what you have to expect from this series.So the pacing has been slowed once more.
The Verdict :This issue was good and had good progression with J'onn,Carter and Shierra but not for everybody else.This issue felt like it was filler.This issue was pretty solid even if the pacing has been slowed.This issue is a buy only if you can stand a tiny bit more filler even though i tought this series would finally put into high gear after issue 7.So i say go buy it.


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