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Brightest Day #7 - The jakob187 Review

After six issues of slow-start nonsense, it seemed like issue #7 would finally be the mind-blowing issue that everyone was hoping for with Brightest Day.  Having finished the issue, it doesn't honestly feel like we're much further than we were before.  It may have some people fooled into the idea of things being revealed, but one has to ask what has really been revealed with this issue.  Expect spoilers, folks...and maybe a little rage
Starting out with Boston Brand, Hawk, and Dove, we find Boston sitting down for his first piece of grub since he's joined the living world again.  Congratulations are in order for this, as it apparently filled a prerequisite for Boston Brand to learn what's going on with the resurrections.  We waited six issues...for Boston Brand...to eat a cheeseburger...which makes the Entity lead him to the reasons why they were brought back?  *slow clap*  Bravo, DC.  Nonetheless, Boston lifts that White Lantern Battery and it begins to affect each of the Twelve.  It is finally...finally...FINALLY revealed why they were all resurrected, but some of those reasons have been common logic for the last six issues.  Ronnie and Jason find out that...*GASP*...there's a Black Lantern Firestorm still inside the Matrix!  WHO KNEW?!  Aqualad is being affected in some negative way.  Could that have anything to do with the recent news coming out that he's Black Manta's kid?  How about the fact that Hawkman has to go kill some queen in Hawkworld and not let the inhabitants of said world move into his own?  Yep, that's to be expected.  Oh, wait, there's the part about needing to save Hawkgirl or else she will die.  There is the twist part about "no resurrection", but regardless, what else did we think would happen if Hawkgirl was left alone?
That's the problem:  so much of what has been revealed is logical stuff that we've all kind of figured out beforehand.  The most mind-blowing stuff is the small montage that takes place near the back half, where it gives the "missions" to the members of the Twelve THAT HAVEN'T BEEN IN THIS F#$%ING BOOK!!!  Maxwell Lord, Osiris, Digger, Jade...they all show up for this one panel.  What's worse is their stories seem far more interesting than any of the stuff featured in this book right now, especially with Digger.  Does this mean we might finally see those characters showing up in this main core book, or will we have to continue reading all the other series to get their "exclusive" stories? 
If anything, I think Brightest Day #7 shows how to NOT handle an event.  Don't bring back twelve people and have the core book of the event only feature a handful of them.  Don't write six issues of babble and setup, then release the "reveal" issue that basically confirms everything we already figured out.  Most importantly, learn to focus your damn story. 
I'll more than likely keep picking up the books, just for the sake of having them as well as finding out who the Entity is.  Hopefully, at some point, this series will actually be worth reading again.  Unfortunately, I feel like DC is treating me like an idiot and a dollar sign with this series now.

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Posted by jakob187

P.S. - I did read issue #6, and I did not write a review for it.  I'm sure you, as a reader, can read between the lines and figure that one out...which is something that DC just isn't capable of doing with this series apparently.

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