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   After listening to the rings request, Dove, Hawk, and Deadman eat some hamburgers but is teleported to the lanterns location.  There, Deadman is the first to lift the lantern sending every risen person a vision for their mission in new life.

The Good:

   First off, the battery is lifted. We finally saw who is the King Arthur to the batteries Excalibur. It was kinds obvious but was the bigger surprise was that someone else must become the entity. Next comes the visions. All the visions came at me as a surprise. I thought they would hold back on each risen person. But what is somewhat great (mainly for DC) you gotta buy the brightest day titles to find if they complete their missions. Also the vision spread art was amazing because they took the artiest from those books too.

The Bad:

   Hard to find a flaw in this book.

Vote: 5 out of 5

   Some may saw we haven't seen really anything yet, but this enough to last us another 7 issues.

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