the_cyan_lantern's Brightest Day #6 - Dead Zone review

A Equation For A Great Issue


   We return to the Martian Manhunter's story and further look into the other Green Martian. Firestorm's matrix gets a third mysteries person. Mera can't escape the truth. And Hank gets a unpleasant result for a great request.

The Good:

   It is very clear that MM gets the center stage for this issue. To me it seemed his story was just trying to be "touchy" on the first few issues but the "other" martian gets it's boost to get that idea out of my head. Next comes Firestorm. Every issue we get a bit of revelation that makes you clinch to your seats and trust me, you'd better hang on. Finally Hank gets strong handed by a ring. It just adds fuel to Hanks pissed off flame.

The Bad:

   The Mera/ Aquaman story felt weak but gave it the benefit of the doubt after a second read.

Vote: 4.5 out of 5

   Lying Mera+ Martian Manhunter "deadly touch"+ Hungover Ronnie+ Even more pissed off Hank= Great Issue   

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    At last this is getting interesting, in general I think that all the brightest day arc has been a little slow but this issue was great.  The Good   First of all, the art has been very good very rich and definitely add a lot to the issue. Martian Manhunter at last is starting to take a more important role in story which for me is great because I have always like this character and what a shock to see miss martian like that at the end definitely a great cliffhanger. It's interesting to see the rev...

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