the_cyan_lantern's Brightest Day #4 - Thresholds review



   Hawkman and Hawkgirl discover their missing bones but one set is missing. Deadman finally arrives in the flesh and is given a personal request from Hawk. We meet Jackson Hyde and something fishy is happening is Silver City. And finally Ronnie's Black Lantern Firestorm actions are back to haunt him.

The Good:

   It seems every issue we see a story that just grabs the book by the horns and makes you want to buy the next one. No doubt this issue belong to the Hawk and Dove story. Yes judging by the cover you would think it's Ronnie, but things just took another turn. "Alive- Man" (title given from the DC panels for Deadman) was what gave this issues cliff hanger testing his kindness and new abilities to do something he fully doesn't even understand. 

The Bad:

   To me there was no bad. Story was consistent and was even given a preview to the new Aqualad. 

Vote: 4.5 out of 5

      Things were good and worth grabbing and anticipating for issue 5. 
P.S. Did I mention Alive-Man?!?!

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