matkrenz's Brightest Day #24 - Brightest Day review

Well it's over.

Last issue of Brightest Day.


The Story: Well Alec Holland is now Earth's hero and does some stuff to help the Earth and the last two pages is John Constantine investigating Swamp Thing's return.


The Good: Whats impressive is how well Geoff Johns handles all of the exposition in this issue and makes it natural.It wraps up all of the stories but still leaves some loose ends for the Aquaman ongoing and some other stuff wich is all interesting.Now having Swamp Thing as the hero of the earth does make sense and there is a nice scene with him mucking up a BP stand in wich was nice.Als o the art is gloriously great for such and ending.


The Bad: The enviromental message was kinda heavy handed.Most of the explanations are pretty dumb and the waythat I would have done this series is have Swamp Thing appear midway through and have him learn about his mission.Poor Deadman.As well written the exposition was written there was still so much of it and it got kinda annoying.


John Constantine: There are questions about how Vertigo being integrated in regular DCU will affect there poster boy John.Now I don't read Hellblazer but I would like to get into it.For now im going to play Uatu and observe the upcoming months as to what is going to happen.


The Verdict: Well Brightest Day ended well but it obviously could have been done better but this ending is pretty solid and shows us the new status quo for a couple of the resurected characters.This is a buy.

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Posted by Silkcuts

Glad this issues got you interested in John Constantine.

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