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Swamp Thing, You Make Everything Groovy 0

The White Lantern has resurrected Alec Holland in an attempt to quell the Black Lantern animated husk of Swamp Thing and save the Earth as the White Lantern has finally revealed the mystery it has been weaving over the course of Brightest Day. The Good Most things fit together nicely in this extra-sized final issue of Brightest Day as it ties everything neatly into a pretty little bow with just enough loose ends to allow the DC Universe to continue to change and grow, while leaving many of its...

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The end of the Brightest Day 0

To tell you the truth I’m not sure how I feel about this issue, and I probably won’t know for a while.   I’m not really sure the best way to do a review of this issue without spoilers.   Anyways I’ll give it the old college try.   First I think that its fair to point out that this issue costs a bit more than other issues, but it is a larger issue so that does kind of make up for it.   And honestly if you have been reading Brightest Day the price really should not matter at the final iss...

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An Extra-Sized Review But With Less Exposition 0

Brightest Day ends with something between a bang and a whimper. Swamp Thing has made his return to the DC Universe, and he is not the only one. The resurrected, or most of them, are left free to continue their lives with some foreshadowing of what is to come for them. And all the Brightest Day storylines dovetail into exposition and environmental policy.It is no wonder this is an extra-sized issue, because it takes a whole lot of exposition to wrap this series up. The issue begins with a crash c...

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Seige of Swamp-Thing! Death of Heroes! 0

Brightest Day #24 is very very good and shocking it'll have you on the edge of you're seat the whole time and the ending is a total cliffhanger all of the endings. Deaths Check, Battles Check, and a awesome cliffhanger Check. Art. Ivan Reis's art is amazing and shows all the emotion well except one character during one scene that features a death they are drawn as sad as you'd think. Gleason's art is fine not amazing but good. Syaf's art very good for the short time it's on. Scott Clark's art i...

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I feel like I have just been raped... 0

... well I don't wanna take away from the rape victims but that is what it feels like. After a year and 25 issues this conclusion does not deliver. Over 80 dollars wasted. I LOVED Brightest Day before this issue. This probably isn't the worst issue I have read but it is definitely the worst conclusion. I had a year of time invested into this conclusion and what I get is not focused on the same heroes that the series focused on but an introduction of an older property. Swamp Thing. Really? He is ...

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How much more of Alan Moore's work will Geoff Johns run with? 0

The mainstream and me are not the best of friends at times and Brightest Day (BD) was one of those books felt I could drop after issue #0 (which I admit I purchased for the ring... holds his head down in shame.. pauses... and continues).  I didn't care I was not following Geoff Johns monthly taking over mainstream comics.  I was reading his Blackest Night and GL stuff, but when BD started, I just took the opportunity to save money (with BD being Bi-monthly and so many cross-overs) I rather save ...

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Well it's over. 0

Last issue of Brightest Day.   The Story: Well Alec Holland is now Earth's hero and does some stuff to help the Earth and the last two pages is John Constantine investigating Swamp Thing's return.   The Good: Whats impressive is how well Geoff Johns handles all of the exposition in this issue and makes it natural.It wraps up all of the stories but still leaves some loose ends for the Aquaman ongoing and some other stuff wich is all interesting.Now having Swamp Thing as the hero of the earth does...

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Dead again. 0

Brightest Day #24 LAST ISSUE!!! Okay so there is just too much to talk about in this issue. It's sad to say but the journey is finally over. Some issues felt like fillers, while others felt awesome and left us wanting more. But in all honesty I very much enjoyed this series. I'm a sucker for Geoff Johns and I think he did terrific. The white lantern forces the elements to fight the black lantern Swamp thing. The White Lantern says that swamp thing has to believe that he is Alec Holland to resurr...

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Plot holes abound 0 is required that I post two hundred seventy characters in order for this to be considered a review.  So I am.  Please click the link for my full review....

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Secretly replaced... 0

Years and years ago, Folgers Coffee had a series of commercials in which they would claim to replace fresh-ground coffee in restaurants with their freeze dried crystals.  The tagline went something like this:"We've secretly replaced these customer's fresh-ground coffee with Folgers Crystals.  Let's see if anyone noticed?"I suddenly find myself thinking back to that commercial after reading the conclusion to Brightest Day.  Geoff Johns is like that very same announcer, but his tagline is a little...

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It´s a Green World 0

 Tales about choices and division always work well when the writer (or the creative team) can insert in the readers what they´re trying to transmit, what message they´re sending - in this particular comic book series, after 24 issues, I reached a point that I understand what Johns/Tomasi were trying to pass, that thing about contradictions, about living your life fully, about learning how to live and that no matter how hard you try, with every choice, there´re consequences - the truth abo...

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Brightest Day #24 0

SummaryThis is it. The finale. I’m going to spoil everything that happens in this issue. You don’t need to bother looking at the verdict, if you’re reading the series even vaguely, you need to see how it ends no matter the quality, so go buy it and come back and see if you agree with my final conclusion. As a finale has to embrace the whole journey of a series, so too will my run-through of Brightest Day #24...SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.What I liked· Brightest Day: This...

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