matkrenz's Brightest Day #21 - Mars Attacks review

The massacre continues.

Issue #21 of Brightest Day. 
The Story: J'onn and D'kay are fighting,with D'Kay wanting to be with J'onn and he wants to do nothing with her.So J'onn takes her to the sun to kill her and choses Earth as his home and Deadman kills J'onn. 
The Good: The fight between the 2 Martians was pretty cool and Gleason's art is really cool especially when the 2 become really bubblie and J'onn was really a badass when he was beating the crap out of her and using the minds of every single person of the planet to attack her.Also it does show J'onn's character very well since he understands why Deadman has to kill him and he's okay with it since he will help people.
The Bad: It kinda sucks that D'kay is killed since she could have been fleshed out in whatever story J'onn would appear afterwards and it would have been cool if D'kay was actually pregnant.Deadman's White Lantern murder's still go on with it being kinda dumb to me since I just don't get why the White Entity does this since I know these guys will be back since whats the point in bringing them back for this. 
The Verdict: The art is good and last time I saw Gleason I hated it,and they do very good justice to J'onn's character.This is a buy.


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