jacquenette_harper's Brightest Day #20 - Aquawar, Part Two review

Brightest Day #20

I love the Aqua-family, and was glad to see they got an entire issue to themselves. It's been a while since I've seen Lorena fight alongside Arthur, and Lorena & Jackson have an.... interesting dynamic. Mera and Arthur have been able to patch things up. But just at the happy moment it happened again! (I won't reveal what "it" is or how it ends) I really hope they explain what's happening soon. 
Overall I really liked it, and recommend everyone pick it up if you haven't already!


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    "Aquawar Part 2" continues and seemingly concludes in this issue which is heavy on building the Aquaman Family (yay!) and light on the number of pages (only 20) that would have been needed to make this issue truly epic and receive a 5 star rating from this reviewer. The Good  First, I want to mention the really cool Aquawar logo that has graced the last 2 issues.  I hope to see it again, its too good to waste and the fact that DC has gone through the trouble to TM it is a good sign.  Secondly, t...

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